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2023.11.24 00:00
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Breakfast | Positive news on the policy of domestic real estate stocks, Alibaba Cloud adjusts organizational structure.

Today's US stock market will close early. Jack Ma has established a new company. Alibaba's DingTalk and Ant Group's mPaaS platform are both collaborating with Huawei. Tencent Cloud has released a large-scale model solution for the financial industry. Adobe has acquired an AI video company. Faraday Future Intelligent Electric has announced its entry into the Middle East market. Huawei has raised its daily production target for the new M7 to 700 units. There are rumors that CHANGAN AUTOMOBILE plans to invest 300 billion yuan in Huawei's car business unit.

Good morning! A wonderful day starts with making money.

Today, the US stock market will close three hours early due to Thanksgiving.

Market: Overnight and this morning

US stock index futures opened mixed, with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures up 0.1%, and Dow futures down 0.1%.

What happened to blue-chip stocks and hot stocks

Barclays sets a £1 billion cost-saving plan, with potential layoffs of up to 2,000 people

Media: OpenAI employee stock sales are expected to continue

Anthropic introduces a competitor to OpenAI, the new version of chatbot supports input of over 150,000 words with GPT4

Adobe acquires an AI video company

Adobe has confirmed the acquisition of AI startup, which primarily uses AI technology to convert text into virtual image videos. is an Indian startup that combines text scripts and user avatars to create videos with user images.

Stellantis will repurchase 50 million common shares from Dongfeng Group for a total consideration of 934 million euros

Faraday Future announces entry into the Middle East market

They plan to launch the FF 91 2.0 Futurist aiFalcon limited edition customized for the Middle East market and deliver it by 2024.

One week after suspending the spin-off, Alibaba Cloud adjusts its organizational structure

Alibaba Cloud has announced a new organizational structure after the adjustment, mainly involving the production and research line, the business line, and eight other departments including supply chain and IDC, focusing on the production and research business. Among them, the production and research line has established an infrastructure committee, an infrastructure business unit, and a product architecture and stability department.

Tencent Cloud releases a large-scale model solution for the financial industry

It includes four layers of architecture: computing power layer, platform layer, large-scale model layer, and application layer. Financial institutions can flexibly choose various large-scale models based on the business needs of different scenarios, reducing the cost of using large-scale models.

Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission initiates legal proceedings against Oriented XYZ Securities Limited for non-compliance with IPO investigation notice

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission has requested the original court to inquire into the situation of Oriented XYZ Securities Limited (formerly known as Shangcheng Global) and its former executives for non-compliance with the notice from the Securities and Futures Commission in the IPO investigation, suspecting that the company may have engaged in fraudulent or deceptive practices or disclosed false or misleading information.

Huawei's Yu Chengdong personally "supervises" Wanjie Xinyuan: raises daily production target of M7 to 700 units

Currently, the daily production target of Wanjie Xinyuan M7 has been raised to 700 units, with a maximum annual production capacity of 200,000 vehicles. In September of this year, the monthly production of M7 was 5,000 units, and it exceeded 10,000 units in October. The next goal is to produce 20,000 to 30,000 units per month.

Rumors spread that Changan Automobile plans to invest 300 billion yuan in Huawei's car BU, both parties claim "unaware" Ant Group's mPaaS platform has reached a cooperation agreement with Huawei, accelerating the "HarmonyOS" transformation of thousands of apps.

Alibaba's DingTalk, a subsidiary of Alibaba, has reached a cooperation agreement with Huawei and officially launched native app development for HarmonyOS.

Jack Ma has established a new company called Hangzhou Majia Kitchen Food Co., Ltd.

The legal representative of Hangzhou Majia Kitchen Food Co., Ltd. is Pau Jason John, with a registered capital of 10 million RMB. It is wholly owned by Hangzhou Dajingtou 22 Cultural Art Co., Ltd., in which Jack Ma holds a 99.9% stake.

Insiders from Tesla China have confirmed that the implementation of Full Self-Driving (FSD) in China is currently underway. However, there is no exact information on when it will be fully implemented.

Macro: Taking you to see the world

The probability of the Federal Reserve maintaining interest rates in December at a range of 5.25%-5.50% is 95.3%, while the probability of a 25 basis point rate hike is 4.7%. The probability of maintaining interest rates unchanged until February next year is 89.4%.

The People's Bank of China Shanghai Headquarters and other institutions jointly held a symposium for financial institutions, emphasizing the implementation of the "16 Financial Measures" for the real estate sector, and adhering to the principle of treating all types of real estate enterprises equally to meet their reasonable financing needs.

The State Council of China has approved the "Work Plan for Supporting Beijing in Deepening the Construction of the National Service Industry Comprehensive Demonstration Zone", which includes lifting the foreign equity restrictions on value-added telecommunications services such as information services and internet access services in Beijing, and further opening up the value-added telecommunications services. It also explores supporting insurance asset management companies in issuing RMB-denominated asset management products of a reasonable scale overseas, and allows qualified individuals overseas to engage in securities investment consulting and futures trading consulting businesses. The launch of exchange-traded open-end index funds (ETFs) will also be studied and introduced in a timely manner.