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2023.12.01 10:03
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Pre-market trading in US stocks | Alibaba and PDD both decline, delivery of Wee Small in November, stock price experiences "mixed fortunes"

Tesla, which was delivered last night, fell nearly 1%. Alibaba fell more than 1%, JD-SWR, Pinduoduo, and Bilibili fell less than 1%. Taotian Group is actively recruiting top talents worldwide, with salaries starting at one million per year and no upper limit. Xpeng Flying Car received its first 100 orders.

Top News in US Stocks

  1. In November, Li Auto delivered 41,030 new vehicles, a YoY increase of 172.9%. As a result, Li Auto has achieved its annual sales target of 300,000 vehicles ahead of schedule, with a total of 325,677 vehicles delivered.

  2. In November, XPENG-W delivered a total of 20,041 new vehicles, a YoY increase of 245%. Among them, XPENG-W G6 accounted for 8,750 deliveries. It is worth noting that XPENG-W has achieved over 20,000 deliveries for two consecutive months, with a cumulative delivery volume of 121,000 vehicles from January to November.

  3. In November, NIO-SW delivered a total of 15,959 new vehicles, a YoY increase of 12.6%. From January to November, a total of 142,000 new vehicles were delivered, a YoY increase of 33.1%.

  4. On December 1st, Nanhu Jiaoke Institute signed a pre-order agreement with XPENG-W Huitian to plan the pre-order of 100 "Land Carriers" flying cars. These cars will be used for comprehensive management in transportation fields such as highways and waterways, as well as for the experience of flying camps and station-to-station transportation.

  5. On December 1st, Alibaba Cloud released the open-source Qwen-72B model with 720 billion parameters. It is reported that this version of the model outperforms Llama 2-70B and most commercial closed-source models, making it suitable for enterprise-level and research-level high-performance applications.

In addition, Qwen-1.8B, an open-source model with 1.8 billion parameters, and Qwen-Audio, an audio large-scale model, have also been open-sourced, achieving "full-size, full-modal" open-source.

  1. Taotian Group has launched a top talent recruitment program called T-Star, aiming to attract top talents in the global frontier technology field. The program offers a series of special treatments, including customized training, challenging projects, "big shot" supervisors, and top-notch research and development platform resources. The annual salary starts from one million and has no upper limit.

  2. According to the Tianyancha App, OPENAI OPCO, LLC has recently applied for multiple trademarks "GPT-6" and "GPT-7" in China. The international classification is scientific instruments and website services, and the current trademark status is waiting for substantive examination.

Pre-market Movement

In pre-market trading, the futures of the three major stock indexes in the US rose, while the fear index fell.

We Xiaoli's monthly delivery data has been released, with Ideanext rising nearly 2%, XPENG-W initially rising over 1%, but now falling; NIO-SW slightly up.

Tesla, which delivered the Cybertruck last night, fell nearly 1%. Alibaba fell over 1%, while, Pinduoduo, and Bilibili fell less than 1%.

In terms of individual stocks, Dell fell over 5%. The company's Q3 revenue was $22.25 billion, a YoY decrease of approximately 10%, lower than the market's expectation of $23 billion. Net profit was $1.006 billion, more than triple the market's expectation of $484 million. The company is expected to generate revenue of $22 billion in the fourth quarter, lower than the market's expectation of $23.9 billion.

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