2023.12.03 16:01
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Zhitong Hong Kong Stock Investment Journal | December 4th

On December 4, 2023, the investment log of Hong Kong-listed companies recorded events in various categories. Among them were new stock activities of companies, including Yanzhiwu and FUJING HOLDINGS. There were also performance announcements of companies, such as AsiaInfo Technologies. The shareholder meetings were also important events of the day, such as HUMAN HEALTH and SANY INT'L. In addition, some companies distributed dividends, such as HKET HOLDINGS and BOSS Zhipin-W. Overall, the investment log of Hong Kong stocks on that day covered events in multiple categories.

According to the Zhitong App's statistics on December 4, 2023, the investment activities of Hong Kong-listed companies are as follows:

New Stock Activities

  • Yanzhiwu (Under IPO)

  • Fujing China Holdings (Under IPO)

  • Dekang Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (Pricing Date)

Performance Announcement Date

  • AsiaInfo Technologies

Shareholders' Meeting Date

  • Yingjian Medical
  • Sany International
  • Xinhuo Technology Holdings
  • Senmiao Holdings
  • Financial Street Holdings
  • China Parenting Network
  • Jinke Services

Dividend Distribution

  • Economic Daily Group (Ex-dividend Date)

  • BOSS Zhipin-W (Ex-dividend Date)

  • China Electric Holdings (Ex-dividend Date)

  • Sun Hung Kai Properties (Dividend Distribution Date)

  • Medlinker (Dividend Distribution Date)