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2023.12.03 23:50
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Breakfast | Hong Kong strives to attract new capital from the Middle East, Tencent Video "APP crashed"

Alibaba's A-share investment lineup changes. Tencent Video APP encounters technical issues. Microsoft MVP warns of three major risks in the commercialization of Copilot. Amazon and SpaceX sign launch contract. NVIDIA's Executive Vice President sells 40,000 shares. MEITUAN-W announces multiple appointments of technical positions. GAC Honda announces its first round of layoffs. Mainland local government debt balance exceeds CNY 40 trillion for the first time.

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Market: Overnight and this morning

COMEX gold continues to hit new historical highs, breaking through $2,100 per ounce, reaching as high as $2,112.6 per ounce. Spot gold has refreshed the historical high set in May this year, with the latest price at $2,092 per ounce.

Bitcoin has reached $40,000 per coin, up 3.11% intraday.

What happened to blue-chip stocks and hot stocks

Tencent Video responds to "APP crash" on December 3: There was a brief technical issue, and we are working hard to fix it.

Tencent's "Star of Dreams" to be launched on December 15

Tencent's party game product "Star of Dreams," developed by Tencent Tianmei Studio, will be launched on December 15. "Star of Dreams" is one of Tencent's key new products this year. The game obtained its license in January 2023 and was officially unveiled in September.

Alibaba's A-share investment undergoes changes

Alibaba has taken the lead in making changes on the capital side. So far, Alibaba's subsidiary Alibaba Network has transferred the equity of seven A-share companies to the newly established Hangzhou Haoyue Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., in order to achieve the goal of "Alibaba Network focusing on its main business while the non-core businesses develop independently."

Debora Shoquist, Executive Vice President of NVIDIA, sold 40,000 shares for a total of $19.2 million on November 27-28.

Amazon signs launch contract with SpaceX

Amazon has signed a contract with SpaceX for three Falcon 9 launches to support the deployment plan of Project Kuiper.

Microsoft MVP warns of three major risks in commercializing Copilot

Microsoft MVP Loryan Strant stated that some companies have started deploying Copilot, but enterprise customers should not rely too much on the information provided by Copilot for three reasons.

Media: OpenAI to postpone the release of customized GPT store until early 2024.

Meituan CEO Wang Xing releases internal memo, announcing multiple appointments of technical leaders

A technology governance preparation group has been established under the preparation of the technology committee, led by Mu Rongjun and Zhang Jinmao. Jinmao steps down as the head of the basic research and development platform and continues to serve as the chairman of the technology committee, responsible for the existing work of the technology committee. Han Jian, the former head of the Meituan platform technology department, has been reassigned as the head of the basic research and development platform, reporting to Wang Xing.

GAC Honda announces layoffs of 900 employees

Honda announced that due to a rapid shift to the electric vehicle market, the company will lay off approximately 900 contract workers at its joint venture in China, GAC Honda, which is equivalent to 7% of the joint venture's approximately 13,000 employees. This is the first time Honda has implemented layoffs since its joint venture with China Guangzhou Automobile Group in 1998, after 25 years of producing cars together.

IPO Opportunity

RoboSense, a manufacturer of intelligent laser radar systems for autonomous vehicles, has submitted its listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The joint sponsors for the IPO are J.P. Morgan and Huaxing Capital.

Macro: Taking You Around the World

Secretary for Security of the Hong Kong SAR, John Lee, states that preparations for enacting Article 23 of the Basic Law have begun

John Lee, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR, stated that Article 23 of the Basic Law stipulates that the SAR should enact legislation to prohibit acts and activities that endanger national security. The SAR government has started preparations for enacting Article 23 and aims to complete the legislation next year. This legislation will be closely linked to the National Security Law, establishing an effective legal system for safeguarding national security.

Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, Paul Chan: Hong Kong will strive to expand relations with Asian and Middle Eastern partners to attract new capital

Since the beginning of this year, the performance of the Hong Kong stock market has been somewhat restrained due to factors such as global interest rate hikes, geopolitical tensions, and uncertain economic recovery prospects. However, the Hong Kong ETF market has continued to grow, which is believed to further enhance the global connectivity of the Hong Kong ETF market. The Middle East is a powerful source of development momentum.

Li Yunze, Director of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: Effectively improve the effectiveness of financial regulation and properly respond to various financial risk challenges

Pan Gongsheng, Governor of the People's Bank of China: Provide emergency liquidity support to regions with relatively heavy debt burdens when necessary

In terms of preventing and resolving local government debt risks, the central bank will prudently resolve the risks associated with local government debt, strictly control the increase in debt, and provide emergency liquidity support to regions with relatively heavy debt burdens when necessary. Support will be given to local governments to gradually divest their financing platform functions and transform into market-oriented enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, asset injections, and other means.

The balance of local government debt in mainland China exceeds CNY 40 trillion for the first time

The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission imposes fines on multiple financial institutions

The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has announced fines imposed on multiple financial institutions, including state-owned banks, joint-stock banks, and insurance companies. Specifically, China CITIC Bank has the highest number of fines and the highest total amount of fines, exceeding CNY 224 million.