2023.12.04 01:25
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XIAOMI-W: Lei Jun's "cold 4 billion" is an unfounded rumor

XIAOMI-W spokesperson clarified the rumors about founder Lei Jun's statement of "a cold 4 billion". The spokesperson stated that this is completely untrue. The spokesperson expressed gratitude for the understanding and support of netizens and emphasized that life is a down-to-earth journey.

Recently, a topic titled "The Cold 4 Billion" has become a hot topic on Weibo, sparking discussions among netizens. The content is about XIAOMI-W (01810.HK) founder Lei Jun, who, during an interview, expressed that at the age of 40, he felt lost with "a cold 4 billion US dollars" in his bank account, believing that he had achieved nothing. However, a spokesperson from XIAOMI-W clarified on Weibo that the so-called "cold 4 billion" is completely false and unfounded. The spokesperson urged everyone not to believe or share this information, emphasizing that "life is never a smooth journey," but rather a process of down-to-earth efforts, and expressed gratitude for the understanding and support from netizens. (ha/cy)