2024.02.12 14:01
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Beamr Imaging Skyrockets 143% As NVIDIA Joins To Accelerate Adoption Of Newest Video Standard - AV1

Beamr Imaging Ltd. (BMR) will present joint research with NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA) on automated video modernization at a conference in Denver. The collaboration aims to accelerate adoption of the emerging video format AV1 by facilitating the transition and ensuring video quality. Beamr is set to launch a new video cloud service on Amazon's AWS powered by NVIDIA.

Beamr Imaging Ltd. (BMR), a provider of video optimization technology and solutions, announced Monday it will present its joint research relating to automated video modernization with NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA) at the ACM Mile-High-Video 2024 conference, being held in Denver, Colorado from February 11-14, 2024.

Backed by tech giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft, AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) is an efficient emerging video format. However, it is facing slow adoption due to the highly complex and costly processes of upgrading existing video libraries in growing markets like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, streaming and user-generated content.

While video usage is growing at an exponential pace, most videos today are still based on a 20 year old format (AVC / H.264), that existed before smartphones, AI, 85" screens and high-speed internet.

The presentation will highlight the Beamr-NVIDIA collaboration in facilitating the transition to AV1 adoption at scale.

Beamr and NVIDIA will describe an automated process to transfer video libraries and repositories into the emerging format. This is done while securing video quality with an optimized bitrate and using NVIDIA's hardware.

Beamr's technology that enables efficient format modernization is Content-Adaptive-Bitrate, which is backed by 53 patents and the fruit of more than a decade of research and development.

As previously announced, Beamr is scheduled to launch on February 20, 2024 its new video cloud service on Amazon's AWS and powered by NVIDIA, that will simplify video processing and make it accessible and affordable to everyone.

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