2024.02.12 14:14
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Apple once again receives positive analysis from major banks, defying the trend. AI will ignite Apple's "next Super Bowl moment".

Apple's demand in China remains stable, and there is potential for incremental growth. Apple is set to introduce generative artificial intelligence technology to developers and consumers at the June developer conference. It is expected that the Apple 16 will have exclusive AI features. Apple is further expanding into the services sector, and generative AI could bring the company approximately $5 billion or more in annual revenue.

Zhitong App learned that Wedbush has released a research report stating that recent supply chain investigations show that Apple's demand in China is "clearly stable".

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives said that Apple is likely to see some "incremental growth" this year, indicating that the 15" Apple is catalyzing an upgrade cycle beyond Wall Street's expectations. He added that Apple's shipments this year should be between 225 million and 230 million units.

In a report, Ives wrote, "Although the decline in the Chinese market has always been a cloud hanging over the Apple story, we expect Apple to see year-on-year growth during the Chinese Lunar New Year period, as some of Apple's promotions and strengthened marketing activities in mainland China have been very successful."

While Apple still faces competition in China, Ives added that it is clear that "very few consumers" leave the Apple ecosystem, which increases his optimistic stance.

Looking ahead, Ives said that Apple has several major catalysts, including the company's push for generative artificial intelligence, which is expected to be solidified at this year's developer conference.

Ives said, "We believe that the 'Apple Super Bowl moment' will be when Cook and his company finally unveil the generative artificial intelligence technology being developed in Apple's headquarters lab, and introduce this technology to developers and consumers at WWDC in June. We then expect the exclusive artificial intelligence features to be available on the Apple 16."

Ives added that as Apple further enters the service field and advances generative artificial intelligence, it could bring the company approximately $5 billion or more in annual revenue.