2024.04.02 14:27
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Microsoft Reportedly Working On Bringing AI Chatbot To Xbox To Enhance Gaming Experience

Microsoft is reportedly expanding AI chatbots to its Xbox gaming service in an effort to enhance the gaming experience. The chatbot, currently in testing, will assist with support queries and game refunds. This move aligns with Microsoft's strategy of integrating AI into its products and services, and could improve customer support in the gaming industry.

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) is reportedly gearing up to expand the presence of AI chatbots in its Xbox gaming service, after bringing it to Office, Windows, and Azure, among other services.

What Happened: The AI chatbot, described as an “embodied AI character,” is currently in the testing phase, reported The Verge on Tuesday. It is designed to animate and respond to Xbox support queries and process game refunds from Microsoft’s support website.

The chatbot is part of a broader effort within Microsoft to integrate AI into its Xbox platform and services. It is linked to Microsoft’s support documents for the Xbox network and ecosystem.

"This agent can help you with your Xbox support questions," reads a description of the Xbox chatbot internally at Microsoft.

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The testing pool for the Xbox chatbot has been expanded, indicating that it may eventually handle support queries for all Xbox customers.

The chatbot is part of a larger effort within Microsoft Gaming to bring AI-powered features and tools to the Xbox platform and developer tools.

Despite the potential benefits, Microsoft is proceeding cautiously with its AI initiatives in gaming, as the company is aware of the challenges and perceptions surrounding AI in gaming.

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Why It Matters: The development of an AI-powered chatbot for Xbox support is in line with Microsoft’s broader strategy of integrating AI into its products and services.

The company has been actively promoting the use of AI in various sectors, including finance, with the launch of Microsoft Copilot for Finance and expanding the availability of Copilot to all users.

Microsoft’s move to introduce AI into its Xbox support could potentially improve customer support in the gaming industry.

With the increasing use of AI in various sectors, including gaming, Microsoft’s AI-powered chatbot for Xbox support could mark a significant step forward in the integration of AI into customer service.

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