2024.05.15 14:24
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US Stock Market News | Meme stocks plummet, with GameStop falling more than 30%

On Wednesday, meme stocks plunged significantly. As of the time of publication, GameStop fell more than 30%, AMC Theatres fell more than 26%, BlackBerry fell more than 8%, Reddit fell more than 8%, and Upstart fell more than 1.6%

According to the financial news app Zhitong Finance, on Wednesday, meme stocks experienced significant declines. As of the time of writing, GameStop (GME.US) dropped by over 30%, AMC Theatres (AMC.US) dropped by over 26%, BlackBerry (BB.US) dropped by over 8%, Reddit (RDDT.US) dropped by over 8%, and Upstart (UPST.US) dropped by over 1.6%