2024.07.10 06:27
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Taiwan Semiconductor's sales in June reached NT$207.87 billion, a year-on-year increase of 33%

Based on the monthly sales figures released so far, Taiwan Semiconductor's sales in the second quarter were NT$673.51 billion, higher than market expectations, representing a 40.1% increase from the same period last year

Amid the AI boom, TSMC's sales in June surged year-on-year, with global semiconductor demand remaining strong.

On July 10th, TSMC announced its sales data for June 2024. The data showed that TSMC's revenue in June reached 207.9 billion New Taiwan Dollars, an increase of 32.9% year-on-year but a decrease of 9.5% month-on-month. The cumulative sales for this year reached 1.26615 trillion New Taiwan Dollars, approximately 38 billion US dollars, representing a 28.0% increase from the same period last year.

Looking at the sales figures for April to June 2024 that TSMC has already disclosed, the second-quarter sales of TSMC were 673.51 billion New Taiwan Dollars, higher than market expectations (21 analysts' forecast was 654.27 billion New Taiwan Dollars), and a growth of 40.1% compared to the same period last year. Following the announcement of the performance, TSMC's stock on the Taiwan Stock Exchange continued its upward trend from yesterday, rising by 0.48% to 1045 New Taiwan Dollars. Its stock price has surged by over 75% in the past year, with a market value exceeding 1 trillion US dollars.

Analysts believe that TSMC's growth is mainly driven by strong demand in the field of artificial intelligence and high-performance computing in recent times. Against the backdrop of tight global high-end wafer foundry supply, companies like Apple and NVIDIA have been major customers of TSMC chips, in order to build infrastructure that supports AI.

Next Tuesday, TSMC will release its second-quarter financial report. Morgan Stanley analysts have previously raised TSMC's target price by about 9%, stating that TSMC may charge customers more fees in 2025 to further increase revenue. "If customers do not accept TSMC's prices, they may not receive sufficient capacity allocation."

Regarding the recent rumors of TSMC lowering prices for its 7-nanometer process, industry analysts believe that the main reason is that customers who previously used mature processes for chips such as mobile SoCs, GPUs, and AI chips have gradually upgraded to more advanced processes, while customers who originally used mature processes are not likely to easily upgrade to 7-nanometer. However, the revenue contribution of TSMC's 7-nanometer process in the first quarter was 19%, and with the increase in 3-nanometer capacity next year, this contribution will further decrease