2024.07.10 15:10
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Tesla Parental Controls update get praise from ICU doctor, safety experts

Tesla's new Parental Controls feature has received praise from an ICU doctor and safety experts in the UK. The feature has the potential to improve road safety by limiting performance and enforcing safety measures for new drivers. The director of the RAC Foundation also commended Tesla for using existing technology to enhance driver safety. The Parental Controls feature allows parents to set speed limits, acceleration restrictions, and receive notifications for curfew violations. This focus on young drivers is important as statistics show they are at higher risk on the road.

A critical care doctor and safety experts in the UK have given high praise to Tesla for the company’s new Parental Controls feature. As per the medical professional, the newly launched safety function has the potential to truly make a difference in road safety.

Being an ICU doctor at the University Hospital of Wales, Dr. Chris Hingston is not a stranger to the aftermath of car crashes. As per the doctor, Tesla’s Parental Controls could avoid some of the tragedies that he has witnessed firsthand.

“Great to see Tesla testing Parental Controls on cars, limiting performance. Really hope other manufacturers follow suit soon. (This) has the potential to make a huge difference to road safety and some of the tragic deaths I frequently see,” Hingston wrote, as noted in a report from The Daily Mail.

Tesla’s Parental Controls feature has also been given some appreciation by Steve Gooding, the director of the RAC Foundation, a transport policy and research organization in the UK. As per Gooding, Tesla’s introduction of the safety feature is “sensible,” especially since it uses technology that’s already available in vehicles.

“Using the technology already built into the car to enforce the wise counsel of parents who are probably footing the bills makes a lot of sense for newly qualified young drivers. Fully automated vehicles might one day take human error out of the road safety equation. But until that happens there is much a modern car can do to help drivers through features such as lane assist, emergency braking and intelligent speed advisory systems,” Gooding noted.

Teslas’ Parental Controls feature was rolled out as part of software update 2024.26. As per the release notes of the update, Parental Controls allow parents to set speed limits, set accelerator restrictions, and activate safety features when the vehicle is being used by a new driver. It even includes a “Night Curfew” feature that enables parents to receive notifications on their Tesla app when the vehicle is driven past a set curfew.

Tesla’s focus on younger drivers for its Parental Controls feature may indeed make a difference. As per Steve Cole at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), young people are among the most high-risk drivers. “We are in favor of safeguarding our young drivers and believe that technology holds huge potential to help us do that. Statistics show that the KSI (killed or seriously injured) rate for under-25s is 64% higher than for over-25s, with one in five drivers having a collision in the first year after their test,” Cole noted.

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