2023.09.18 02:31
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The Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index hit a new low for the year, while the hotel and catering industries remained active. The automobile, communication, and military industries saw the largest declines, while the real estate sector continued to slide.

On the market, the diamond sector showed initial activity, with the automotive, hotel and catering, coal, and healthcare sectors leading the gains, while the communication, chip, education, securities, and military sectors experienced the largest declines.

On Monday, September 18th, the A-share market opened lower. The Shanghai Composite Index opened at 3,110.44 points, down 0.23%; the Shenzhen Component Index opened at 10,111.67 points, down 0.32%; and the ChiNext Index opened at 1,994.87 points, down 0.39%. As of the time of writing, the Shanghai Composite Index was down 0.08%, the Shenzhen Component Index was up 0.67%, and the ChiNext Index was up 1.04%.

In terms of the market, the diamond sector was active at the beginning of the trading session, with the automobile, hotel and catering, coal, and medical sectors leading the gains, while the communication, chip, education, securities, and military sectors led the declines.

Individual stocks were mostly up, with over 2,600 stocks in both markets in the green and 48 stocks hitting the daily limit.

The Hong Kong stock market opened lower today, with the Hang Seng Index down 0.63% at the opening and the Hang Seng Technology Index down 0.92%. As of the time of writing, all three major Hong Kong stock indexes were down more than 1%.

NetEase and JD Health were down nearly 2%, while Meituan, Kuaishou, Xiaomi, Alibaba, and others were down more than 1%.

China Evergrande fell 9.7% before the market opened, and at one point during the session, it fell more than 24%, currently still down more than 19%. Earlier, it was reported that Evergrande Wealth was formally under investigation, and several executives were arrested in Shenzhen.

In terms of news, the stock opened directly at the limit down. On the news front, Oriental Fashion announced that its controlling shareholder and chairman, Xu Xiong, was arrested on suspicion of manipulating the securities market. The board of directors agreed to remove Xu Xiong from his positions as director and chairman of the company.

Active Auto Stocks

Seres rose 8%, while Jianghuai Automobile, That Car, BYD, and Great Wall Motor followed suit.

In terms of news, today, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued a notice on the "Basic Rules for the Electricity Spot Market (Trial)", stating that they will steadily and orderly promote the participation of new energy in the electricity market, design market mechanisms that are suitable for the characteristics of new energy, and coordinate with the supportive policies for new energy; promote the participation of new types of market entities such as distributed generation, load aggregation merchants, energy storage, and virtual power plants in transactions.

Strong Coal Stocks

Huaibei Mining rose more than 2%, Pingmei Coal Industry rose more than 1%, and Anyuan Coal Industry, Shanmei International, and Shaanxi Coal Industry followed suit.

Tourism Concept Stocks Rise at Opening

Junting Hotel surged more than 7%, Changbai Mountain rose nearly 5%, and Qujiang Culture and Tourism rose nearly 4%.

In terms of news, there is a strong demand for travel during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays this year. The Civil Aviation Administration predicts that there will be more than 21 million passengers traveling by air. The railway department started selling tickets for the first day of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays on September 15th. On that day, the ticket sales volume reached 22.877 million, setting a new historical record.

Chip Stocks Continue to Decline

Qingyi Optoelectronics fell nearly 5%, and Zhongke Lanxun fell nearly 4%.

Gold Concept Stocks Decline at the Opening

Cuihua Jewelry fell more than 5%, and Mingpai Jewelry fell more than 3%.

Real Estate Sector Shows Divergent Trends

China Wuyi rose more than 4%, Gree Real Estate rose 3.94%, Zhangjiang High-tech fell more than 6%, and Jinko Holdings and Beijing Capital Development fell more than 1%.

CPO Concept Stocks Decline in Early Trading

Mingpu Optoelectronics hit the limit down, Tongyu Communication fell more than 5%, and Dongtian Micro, Yihua Shares, Swiss Konda, Yuanjie Technology, and others followed suit.