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2023.09.18 09:57
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Pre-market US stocks | "Doomsday Doctor" predicts a possible 10% drop in US stocks, Apple iPhone 15 series selling well in China

Alibaba fell nearly 1%, fell 1.6%, Pinduoduo and Beike fell over 1%, Bilibili fell 1.5%, and Xpeng Motors fell over 3%. Apple rose 0.5%, with analysts maintaining their expectation of iPhone 15 shipments reaching around 80 million units this year. Tesla's supercomputer Dojo primarily adopts TSMC's 7nm process.

Top News in US Stocks

  1. According to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange filing, as of September 12th, Morgan Stanley's long position in XPeng (09868.HK) increased from 5.79% to 6.39%.

  2. "Dr. Doom" Roubini: Market expectations for a US interest rate cut next year are overly optimistic. He believes that the US economy has a good outlook and there will be no "hard landing." For the remainder of this year, he will continue to short the US stock market, which may experience a 10% decline.

  3. Market news: Alibaba announced plans to invest $2 billion in Turkey.

  4. According to data from the platform, as of 9 am on September 18th, the pre-order volume for the iPhone 15 series has already reached around 3 million units.

  5. According to Taiwan Economic Daily, it is understood that Tesla's supercomputer Dojo mainly uses TSMC's 7-nanometer process. It is reported that Tesla's shipment of TSMC's supercomputer chips this year is about 5,000 pieces, and if it increases to 10,000 pieces next year, it will double in growth. If the chip usage continues to expand in 2025, the shipment volume will also continue to increase.

  6. CC Cayman intends to merge with overseas special purpose acquisition company Prime Impact Acquisition I to achieve listing on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. CC Cayman will simultaneously issue no more than 97,794,936 common shares.

Pre-market Movers

In pre-market trading, Dow Jones futures, Nasdaq futures, and S&P 500 futures all rose slightly.

Alibaba fell nearly 1%, fell 1.6%, Pinduoduo and Beike fell over 1%, Bilibili fell 1.5%, and Li Auto fell over 3%.

Apple rose 0.5%, and analysts maintained their expectation of shipping approximately 80 million units of the iPhone 15 this year.

Institutional Views

1. Morgan Stanley strategist: Most clients expect a US economic recession in 2024, and the stock market will face challenges

Morgan Stanley strategists stated that most clients expect the US economy to enter a recession in 2024, and the outlook for stocks will be more challenging than this year. Investor interest in bonds, especially investment-grade credit bonds, has surpassed stocks due to rising interest rates. However, due to the increase in US Treasury supply, investors still have some hesitation in actively allocating interest rate assets.

2. Guo Mingchi: Maintaining the expectation of shipping approximately 80 million units of the iPhone 15 this year

Apple analyst Guo Mingchi stated that since the pre-orders for the iPhone 15 Pro Max began on Friday, demand for the device has been "strong." He still maintains the expectation of shipping approximately 80 million units of the iPhone 15 this year. Guo Mingchi reiterated that the iPhone 15 Pro Max entered mass production later than other devices in the iPhone 15 series, resulting in a prolonged delivery delay for this device.He said that Pro Max will continue to face "more obvious" production challenges than other models.

US Stock Market Strategy

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