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2023.09.19 09:54
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Pre-market US stocks | Wang Xing has been reducing his holdings of Li Xiang for four consecutive days, domestic demand for Intel AI processors is booming, and the US version of "Meituan" Instacart will go public tonight. fell more than 1%, Xpeng fell 3%, NIO fell 4.6%. Apple and Tesla rose 0.5%, Moderna rose nearly 1%, Block fell more than 1%, Arm fell nearly 2%.

Top News in US Stocks

  1. Documents show that Microsoft plans to launch the next generation of Xbox game consoles in 2028.

  2. Li Xiang, CEO of Ideal Cars, posted on Weibo, saying that due to the talent joining us from some mobile phone brands, many investors and users have asked if Ideal will make mobile phones. The answer is no plan.

  3. According to Ideal Cars' official WeChat account, in the just-concluded 38th week of 2023 (September 11th to September 17th), Ideal Cars' weekly sales reached 9,100 vehicles. As of September 17th, Ideal Cars' monthly sales have reached 20,100 vehicles, continuing to lead the new forces.

  4. According to supply chain sources, Intel's "special edition" AI processor Gaudi 2, launched in the domestic market, has seen a continuous surge in orders for the past two months. Gaudi 2 uses TSMC's 7-nanometer process, and Intel has placed large orders with TSMC.

  5. SoftBank Group: During the six-month period ending on September 30, 2023, it will obtain a capital surplus of $5.12 billion from the listing of Arm.

  6. US delivery company Instacart has set the IPO price at the upper limit of the range, which is $30 per share, with a total issuance of 22 million shares.

  7. According to The Information, Musk said in a live broadcast with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on Monday that the social platform X (formerly Twitter) will start charging users a small fee per month to combat bots and spam on the platform.

  8. NIO announced plans to issue $1 billion in convertible bonds.

Pre-market Movement

In pre-market trading, Dow Jones futures, Nasdaq futures, and S&P 500 futures all rose by more than 0.1%. fell more than 1%, Ideal Cars fell 3%, and NIO fell 4.6%.

Apple and Tesla rose 0.5%, Moderna rose nearly 1%, Block fell more than 1%, and Arm fell nearly 2%.

Institutional Views

1. Analyst: Expectations that the Fed will not raise interest rates, need to pay attention to these factors

Erik Weisman, Chief Economist and Portfolio Manager at MFS Investment Management, said that it is expected that the Fed will not raise policy rates at the September meeting, and the market has fully digested the expectation that the Fed will maintain a wait-and-see attitude. It is expected that any dramatic changes at this meeting may stem from the economic forecast summary, dot plot expectations, statements, and potential changes in Powell's tone at the press conference.

2. Goldman predicts Apple's plans for next year: iPhone to expand screen size and join AI competition

Mark Gurman said that Apple has planned a larger product overhaul for 2024. Apple is expected to launch the "X" series products, redesign the Apple Watch, update the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and other Mac devices. Upgraded the M3 series chip, this is its first 3nm chip; plans to expand the screen size of the iPhone Pro models next year, and will enter the generative AI competition in 2024.

3. Citi: Investors Prepare for Further Decline in Nasdaq

Citi Group strategists said that fund flows indicate that investors are preparing for further decline in the Nasdaq 100 index, which has a high weighting of technology stocks. Nasdaq index futures continued to attract short positions last week, with more short bets than long bets, indicating that few investors are optimistic about the possibility of a recent reversal in growth/technology-related indices. However, the overall momentum of short positions has weakened, investors' profits have decreased, and this has limited the risk of a sharp decline in the Nasdaq.

US Stock Strategy

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