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Today's Key News Review | Dolphin Research

Dolphin Research Key Focus:

🐬 Stocks


According to media reports, Meta Platforms has reached a preliminary agreement with Tencent to sell a new, lower-priced VR headset in China. Tencent will become the exclusive distributor of Meta's headset in mainland China, and sales will begin at the end of 2024. This collaboration provides Meta with an important new market, boosting global demand and driving sales to new heights.

2. $Taiwan Semiconductor.US

TSMC announced its revenue report for October 2023, and the performance is quite good. Both MoM and YoY growth rates are accelerating. The consolidated revenue for October 2023 was NT$243.2 billion, with a MoM growth of 34.8% and a YoY growth of 15.7%. The year-to-date sales revenue is NT$1.78 trillion, with a YoY decrease of 3.7%.

3. Analysis Report and Conference Calls for Core Covered Companies

SMIC: "SMIC: A Long Cycle, Waiting for the East Wind" and "W-Shaped Trend, Recovery Delayed by One Year (SMIC 3Q23 Conference Call)"

Unity: "Constant Surprises, Unity in Turbulent Times"

Li Auto: "Newcomer vs. Veteran, Can Li Auto Compete with Huawei?" and "Making Autonomous Driving the Core Goal (Li Auto 3Q23 Conference Call Summary)"

🐬 Leading Sectors

Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges: Pharmaceutical retailers, gas companies, food distributors;

Hong Kong Stock Market: Human resources and employment services, silver, professional financial services;

US Stock Market: Coal and consumable fuels, film and entertainment, education services.

🐬 Focus for Tomorrow

1. No specific focus for tomorrow.

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