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BruntWork Releases Virtual Assistant Services for Small Businesses

BruntWork Releases Virtual Assistant Services for Small Businesses


 New York, NY - 04/03/2024 - (SeaPRwire) - BruntWork is proud to release its virtual assistant services for small businesses worldwide. Small businesses are increasingly turning to offshore virtual assistance, and industry giant BruntWork's focus on value, flexibility, and integration is proving to be a game-changer.


Over 2 billion owners are expected to engage with smartphone-based virtual assistants just this year alone. In this expanding market, BruntWork distinguishes itself by offering human intelligence to small business operations through dedicated assistants at an unbeatable price range of $4-$8 per hour.

"We aim to provide small teams the support structure allowing them to compete effectively with larger corporates," states Winston Ong, CEO of BruntWork. This strategy meets the growing demand for digital solutions and does so in a way that's accessible to smaller enterprises.

Comprehensive Suite of Services at Optimized Cost

BruntWork equips specialized virtual assistants for small businesses to manage various functions—from social media and email to accounting and event planning. This tailored support ensures that businesses receive the specific help they need.

The company hires from the talent pool in the Philippines and Colombia, recognized for their strong English skills, work ethic, and experience in managing confidential information. Rigorous protocols and quality checks are in place to ensure reliability and trust.

An industry expert observes, "While cost advantages spark initial interest, the enduring partnerships form because of the responsiveness, cultural compatibility, and comprehensive capabilities of teams from the Philippines and Colombia."

With rates averaging below $8, including all operational costs, BruntWork presents a compelling value proposition, enabling businesses to scale efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Operational Agility for Today's Dynamic Environment

BruntWork's model forgoes the traditional constraints of long-term contracts and extensive onboarding periods, offering rapid setup and the flexibility to adjust staffing as needed. "The traditional 9-to-5 workday is obsolete. Our approach expands small teams' capabilities to meet global demands," Ong emphasizes.

BruntWork's adaptable structure accommodates fluctuating demands without penalties for startups and early-stage companies, promoting transparency and freedom from long-term obligations.

A Trusted Partner Focused on Client Success

Delegating tasks can be challenging for hands-on small business owners. BruntWork's stringent security, privacy, and quality protocols provide the necessary reassurance. "We see ourselves as an extension of our clients' teams, actively improving processes and safeguarding sensitive data," Ong elaborates.

The company employs only trained and certified assistants to handle confidential information securely in sectors such as healthcare and finance. Continuous monitoring ensures these assistants uphold the highest standards of diligence.

This commitment to fostering trusted relationships beyond mere cost savings has propelled BruntWork's rapid growth, a trend expected to persist as virtual operations become increasingly mainstream.

"Our value proposition goes beyond mere administrative support. We empower businesses to remain competitive and agile in today's fast-paced markets," concludes Ong. Small businesses now have a powerful ally in BruntWork, offering the essential support for optimization, productivity, and risk management needed to excel globally.


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