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Today's Important News Review | Dolphin Investment Research

0402 Dolphin's Key Focus:

🐬 Individual Stocks


Xiaomi's SU7 saw a significant increase in stock price on its first trading day after listing. Xiaomi announced that the first batch delivery ceremony of Xiaomi SU7 will be held at Xiaomi's car factory in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area tomorrow. The delivery centers in 28 cities across the country will also start deliveries simultaneously tomorrow. The delivery data for new energy vehicles in March has been released, with only BYD meeting the qualifications, while Nio and Li Auto's performance was not satisfactory. Xiaomi's entry into the market has sparked a new round of "price wars" in the industry, and the competition in the new energy track will become even more intense.

2. $ Taiwan Semiconductor.US

There are reports that TSMC's new factory in Arizona, USA, will start trial production on the first production line in mid-April and complete all preparations for mass production by the end of this year. If everything goes smoothly, the original plan to start mass production in the first half of 2025 may be brought forward to the end of 2024.

3. Core Focus on Financial Report Analysis and Conference Calls

BOE: "BOE: Panel Prices Rise Again, Is This Time for Real?"

Tonight, Moutai Company will release its financial report, and Dolphin will track and provide analysis. Stay tuned.

🐬 Leading Sectors

Mainland China: Precious metals and minerals, oil and gas exploration and production, consumer goods retailers;

Hong Kong: Consumer electronics, kitchenware, agricultural machinery;

US: Coal and consumable fuels, maritime ports - operators, silver.

🐬 Tomorrow's Focus

1. China Caixin Services PMI;

2. US ADP Employment Change, US Markit Services PMI Final, US ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI.

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