2024.05.17 07:56
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CUBE acquires global regulatory intelligence businesses from Thomson Reuters

CUBE, a global leader in Automated Regulatory Intelligence (ARI) and Regulatory Change Management (RCM), announces today its acquisition of the Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence and Oden products and businesses.

The acquisition of these global businesses represents a major step forward in CUBE's growth plans. It will deliver significant scale across many of the world's leading and systemically important financial institutions. CUBE's existing global customer base will be expanded to total approximately 1,000 customers in banking, insurance, asset and investment management, payments and adjacent regulated industries.

CUBE's global employees will expand to 600, of which close to 250 are highly qualified regulatory subject matter experts, legal and compliance professionals.

Ben Richmond, founder and CEO of CUBE said: "Thomson Reuters is known to be the biggest and best in the industry for providing regulatory expert analysis and subject matter expertise, alongside world-leading journalism and news. The combination of CUBE's purpose-built AI, with the years of content curated by Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence and Oden expert analysts, will accelerate innovation. Together, we will deliver regulatory transformation capabilities for our global customers that could only have been imagined before."

Richmond continues: "This combination will provide tremendous scale and depth across CUBE's regulatory content and technology. It is a significant step toward creating an industry-defining regulatory compliance and risk platform that will benefit all customers and elevate the industry as a whole."

Through this acquisition, CUBE will provide an expanded and comprehensive selection of specialized regulatory intelligence and regulatory change services, committed to excellence, quality, and highly contextualised and meaningful regulatory content for customers. By combining cutting-edge technology and subject matter expertise at scale CUBE will set a new bar for the industry in regulatory automation and content.

Chris Maguire, General Manager, Risk and Fraud, Corporates, Thomson Reuters said: "It was clear to us that CUBE had established itself as a leading regulatory intelligence provider for global enterprise clients in the financial services and insurance sectors. We wanted to ensure our customers and employees could work with an organisation that would continue to innovate and significantly invest in solutions like Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence and Oden. We are working tirelessly to ensure a seamless and value-enhancing transition for customers and employees, and we are looking forward to working with the CUBE team during this transition." 

Christopher Fielding, Hg, said: "We're delighted to further extend our market reach, bringing in two high quality and complementary global businesses to the CUBE platform."

Thomas Martin, Hg, added: "We see these acquisitions as enabling further innovation in the regulatory intelligence and change management sector, leading to strengthened demand for these quality solutions across the globe."

The terms of the transaction will not be disclosed.

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