2024.06.25 02:26
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Deltrix Partners with Sinooil to Expand Trio Group’s New Energy Business in Kazakhstan

Deltrix (Kazakhstan) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trio Industrial Electronics Group Limited (“Trio Group” or the “Group”, Stock code:$TRIO IND ELEC(1710.HK)$TRIO IND ELEC(01710.HK) ), signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Sinooil (China National Petroleum) (A joint venture oil sales company of China National Petroleum and local enterprises in Kazakhstan) in Kazakhstan on 21 June 2024, to deploy EV chargers, set up EV charging stations and the related supporting facilities across Sinooil's 143 gas stations in Kazakhstan. This collaboration marks a closer relationship between two parties for the expansion of Trio Group’s new energy business in Kazakhstan, following the first one in February 2024.


Trio Group is committed to the development of the new energy business. While escalating the investment in the R&D of EV chargers, Trio Group, capitalising on the exponential growth of Chinese electric vehicles’ overseas business, stays abreast of this development and rapidly layouts its EV servicing businesses.


Not only does Trio Group provide EV charging services at EV charging stations in Kazakhstan, it also expands its service scope through providing in-store screen advertising, car rental, and car sale. In the future, Trio Group plans to fully integrate a multifunctional service system through its own application (APP) platform and establishes partnerships with leading brands to fully extend the Group’s revenue streams.


Mr. Cecil Wong, Chairman of Trio Industrial Electronics Group Limited, said: "The secure of 143 sites for the development of EV charging stations in Kazakhstan is a milestone achievement to Trio Group. This lays an excellent foundation for the Group's development and services in the Central Asian region. We are formulating a detailed plan, including the strategic location of each EV charging station and its corresponding planning, construction schedule, and budgeting. Meanwhile, we are also developing marketing strategies to promote this comprehensive charging station service package in order to attract more users and partnerships. The provision of intelligent EV chargers and related supporting services, functions and system is a starting point to Trio Group’s new energy business plan. Trio Group will integrate the operational model of the new energy business supply chain with its ecosystem. Together with our self-designed and manufactured smart screens, as well as sale and information systems, Trio Group aims to establish Deltrix to become a platform for the transaction of new energy related products and services, with the integration of intelligent e-commerce business, advertising, supply chain finance and foreign exchange services.”


Mr. Wong added, "Trio Group is transforming from being an upstream manufacturer of EV chargers and power supply products to a downstream business operator to operate EV charging stations, and new energy business supply chain with its ecosystem business. This is a breakthrough to Trio Group 's business. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thank you to PetroChina for their excellent support, and the tremendous efforts and contributions by the Deltrix new energy business and supporting teams. This collaboration also honours my commitment made in the Chairman's Message of guiding Trio Group to the next milestone."




About Trio Group

Trio Industrial Electronics Group Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of advanced industrial electronic components and products in Hong Kong with 40 years of industry experience. It is also the first Hong Kong-based industrial electronic company awarded with the Industry 4.0 maturity certificate - Industry 4.01i level. The Group’s major products include smart charger, electro-mechanical product and switch-mode power supplies, which are widely used in smart city system, medical and healthcare sector, as well as renewable energy field. The Group has built up good reputation and become a trusted supplier to various international well-known brands. Majority of its clients comes from Europe and US while some from Southeast Asia and PRC. In addition, the Group and its partner has developed its own EV charger solution - Deltrix since 2017, which has been launched in the European market in response to the global efforts to develop smart economies.



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