2023.11.20 12:55
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NVIDIA collaborates with Alphabet-C spin-off company to develop drug discovery technology

NVIDIA is collaborating with quantum technology startup SandboxAQ to help businesses develop new materials for pharmaceuticals and batteries by simulating a large number of chemical reactions using artificial intelligence.

Zhitong App has learned that Nvidia (NVDA.US) is collaborating with SandboxAQ, a quantum technology startup spun off from Alphabet-C (GOOGL.US), to help businesses develop new materials for pharmaceuticals and batteries through AI-simulated chemical reactions.

SandboxAQ will assist in expanding Nvidia's software platform CUDA, used for developing AI applications, to better simulate the quantum mechanics behind chemistry, biology, and materials science. Eric Schmidt, Chairman and lead investor of SandboxAQ, stated in a press release, "SandboxAQ's AI modeling capabilities, combined with Nvidia's accelerated computing and quantum platform, will help create new materials and compounds, transforming various industries and addressing global challenges."

SandboxAQ's simulation technology relies on quantum algorithms, which have existed for decades but were too massive and complex to run on computers. However, Jack Hidary, CEO of SandboxAQ, mentioned in an interview that the emergence of powerful GPUs like Nvidia's A100 and H200 means they can now be used for real-world applications in healthcare and other industries. Hidary also added that the collaboration with Nvidia could potentially lead to the creation of applications in the financial services and energy sectors.

According to data from Pitchbook, this AI-driven quantum technology company is valued at $4 billion. In addition to providing algorithms for simulation work, SandboxAQ's business in quantum sensors for network security, healthcare, and navigation is also growing.

While quantum computers are not yet ready for real-life use cases, the US government and major tech companies, including Alphabet-C, are racing to build an effective quantum computer to surpass existing technologies and accelerate developments in drug discovery and other fields.