2023.12.01 12:26
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November Ranking of New Energy Vehicle Startups: WM Motor delivers over 18,000 units, LI AUTO-W achieves annual sales target ahead of schedule

The delivery performance of domestic new energy vehicle companies in November has been announced. GAC Aion, LI AUTO-W, and XPENG-W ranked in the top three, with WM Motor and NIO-SW ranking fourth. GAC Aion's cumulative sales this year reached 434,100 vehicles, Li Auto achieved its sales target of 300,000 vehicles ahead of schedule, and XPENG-W's deliveries increased by 245% year-on-year. At the same time, NIO-SW's deliveries decreased month-on-month, and Xpeng's deliveries have been declining year-on-year for six consecutive months. Overall, there have been significant changes in the ranking of new energy vehicle deliveries in November.

On December 1st, domestic new energy vehicle companies successively announced their delivery performance for November. The competition among new energy vehicle companies has intensified, and there have been significant changes in the delivery rankings of new players in the industry.

Among the companies that have released their rankings, GAC Aion continues to hold the top spot on the list of new players, with a cumulative sales volume of 434,100 vehicles this year. NIO has exceeded 40,000 vehicles, achieving its sales target of 300,000 vehicles for the year ahead of schedule, and Xiaopeng Motors has seen a year-on-year increase of 245% in deliveries.

Other companies such as Zero Run, Jike, and Wanjie have also performed well in terms of deliveries. AITO Wanjie delivered 18,800 vehicles, an increase of nearly 127% compared to the same period last year. Among them, Wanjie's new M7 delivered 15,242 vehicles in November, with a total of over 27,000 vehicles delivered.

"While some companies have set new records for monthly deliveries, others have experienced consecutive declines in delivery volume. NIO's delivery volume has decreased month-on-month, and Nezha has seen a year-on-year decline for six consecutive months."

TOP 1 GAC Aion: Cumulative sales volume reaches 434,100 this year

In November, GAC Aion sold 41,567 vehicles, an increase of approximately 45% compared to the same period last year. From January to November, GAC Aion's cumulative sales volume reached 434,100 vehicles, an 80% increase year-on-year.

Gu Huinan, General Manager of Aion, stated at last year's Guangzhou Auto Show that Aion's goal for 2023 is to achieve sales of 500,000 vehicles and strive for 600,000 vehicles. By 2030, they aim to surpass 1.5 million vehicles in production and sales, and build a world-class high-end intelligent electric vehicle brand.

It is reported that since its production started in April 2019, GAC Aion has accumulated production and sales of 950,000 vehicles and is about to surpass the one million mark.

TOP 2 Li Auto: Achieved this year's sales target of 300,000 vehicles ahead of schedule

In November, Li Auto delivered 41,030 new vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 172.9%.

As of November 30, 2023, Li Auto has delivered a total of 325,677 vehicles this year, achieving this year's sales target of 300,000 vehicles ahead of schedule.

TOP 3 Xiaopeng Motors: Delivery exceeds 20,000 vehicles for two consecutive months

In November, Xiaopeng Motors delivered a total of 20,041 new vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 245%. Monthly deliveries reached a new high, with Xiaopeng G6 accounting for 8,750 units.

It is reported that Xiaopeng Motors has achieved deliveries exceeding 20,000 vehicles for two consecutive months, with a cumulative delivery volume of 121,000 units from January to November.

TOP 4: YoY Increase of Nearly 127%

In November 2023, AITO Wanjie, a subsidiary of Hongmeng Zhixing, delivered a total of 18,827 new vehicles.

Among them, Wanjie New M7 delivered 15,242 new vehicles in November, with a cumulative delivery of over 27,000 vehicles. It is expected to deliver 23,000 new vehicles in December, and the monthly delivery capacity is expected to reach 30,000 vehicles from 2024 onwards.

It is reported that the cumulative pre-orders of Wanjie New M7 have exceeded 100,000 units in the two and a half months since its launch, with the intelligent driving version accounting for 60% and the urban NCA option rate reaching 75%. In order to provide users with more choices, Wanjie New M7 Max rear-wheel drive intelligent driving version was officially launched on November 28th, with prices starting from 289,800 yuan for the five-seater version and 309,800 yuan for the six-seater version. Customers who place an order immediately can also enjoy a benefit package worth 27,000 yuan.

TOP 5: LINGPAI - YoY Growth of 130%

In November, LINGPAI delivered 18,508 vehicles, achieving a YoY growth of 130% and continuously setting a new record for delivery volume.

LINGPAI stated that on November 20th, it completed the equity delivery with Stellantis Group, marking the real implementation of the first cooperation in the new energy vehicle industry. LINGPAI will leverage this cooperation to strengthen its efforts in intelligent electric technology research and development, marketing, and service upgrades, providing users with better product and service experiences.

LINGPAI C10 will start domestic pre-sales in January next year, and plans to complete a series of actions including store opening, listing, and delivery in the first quarter.

TOP 6: NIO - YoY Delivery Volume Growth of 33.1% in the First 11 Months

In November, NIO delivered a total of 15,959 new vehicles, with a YoY growth of 12.6%. From January to November, a total of 142,000 new vehicles were delivered, with a YoY growth of 33.1%.

As of now, NIO has delivered a cumulative total of 431,582 vehicles.

TOP 7: JIKE - Monthly Delivery Sets a New Record

In November, Jike delivered 13,104 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 19%, reaching a new historical high in deliveries.

From January to November, Jike delivered a total of 105,000 new vehicles. It is understood that in terms of overseas expansion, Jike is expected to enter 6 European countries in 2024, expand to 8 countries in 2025, and cover most of the core countries in Western Europe by 2026.

TOP 8 NIO: Delivery volume down 17% YoY

In November, NIO delivered a total of 12,506 vehicles, with an MoM increase of 421 vehicles. However, it still fell short of the 13,211 vehicles delivered in September and a YoY decrease of 17% compared to the 15,000 vehicles delivered in the same period last year.

NIO announced that orders for the NIO X have exceeded 20,000 units. In addition, NIO announced its entry into the Hong Kong market today. On December 1st, NIO held a signing ceremony with Dachangxing Automobile, marking the official cooperation between the two parties. NIO's flagship models will be introduced to the Hong Kong market in 2024.

TOP 9 Zhiji: MoM delivery volume up 125%

Zhiji Auto announced its sales data for November, with a total of 8,703 vehicles sold, of which the Zhiji LS6 accounted for 8,158 vehicles (a MoM increase of 125%).

It is reported that the Zhiji LS6 was launched on October 12th, with prices ranging from 214,900 to 276,900 yuan after discounts. The daily orders exceeded 8,000 units, and the lock-in volume reached 6,000 units within 48 hours.

Liu Tao, Co-CEO of Zhiji Auto, stated that the Lingang Intelligent Factory is fully ramping up production capacity, and production and delivery are progressing at full speed. With a two-shift production system, an average of one Zhiji LS6 vehicle is produced every 90 seconds.

TOP 10 Lantu: 7,006 vehicles delivered in November

According to the delivery data of Lantu Auto in November, the company delivered 7,006 new vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 365% and a MoM increase of 15%.

From January to November 2023, Lantu Auto's delivery volume increased by 129% YoY. Since June of this year, Lantu Auto's delivery volume has achieved six consecutive increases, demonstrating a strong upward trend and laying a solid foundation for achieving the "small goal" of monthly sales of 10,000 vehicles in the future.

TOP11 Avita: Monthly Sales Exceed 4,000 Units for the First Time

In November, Avita delivered 4,080 units, exceeding 4,000 units in monthly sales for the first time.

It is understood that Avita's 12 major orders, which were announced on November 10th, have exceeded 20,000 units, and bulk deliveries are about to begin. In addition, Avita has revealed its overseas expansion plan and will soon enter the Thai market.