2023.12.03 13:59
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The most powerful AI is going to be late again? Report: Alphabet-C delays the launch of Gemini

Alphabet-C has delayed the launch of its artificial intelligence model, Gemini, due to its unreliable performance in handling non-English queries. The planned activities for Gemini, originally scheduled for next year, have also been canceled. This poses a significant challenge for Alphabet-C, as Gemini is considered one of the most important products in the company's history. Alphabet-C hopes that Gemini can prove its leading position in the field of artificial intelligence. The Gemini team is working hard to improve its performance and ensure smooth operation in multiple languages worldwide.

According to two informed sources cited by The Information on Saturday, local time, Alphabet-C has postponed the release of its artificial intelligence model Gemini to January 2024.

One of the sources stated that Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet-C, recently decided to cancel a series of Gemini events scheduled for next week in California, New York, and Washington because it was found that it could not reliably handle some non-English queries.

This marks a challenge for Alphabet-C's most important and powerful AI product this year.

Last month, The Information reported that Alphabet-C had informed some cloud customers and business partners not to expect access to the Gemini model until next year. However, the cancellation of the events also means that other products, such as Search (which now generates AI results), Bard, Google Assistant, and Google Docs, may not receive meaningful updates from new technology until 2024.

Alphabet-C rarely launches a major product between Thanksgiving and the end of the year, but it intends to make an exception for Gemini, as it can be said to be the company's most important product in a decade. One of the sources stated that Alphabet-C originally hoped to showcase this technology to policymakers and politicians at the Gemini launch event.

The sources said that Pichai and other executives have been concerned that OpenAI's ChatGPT has become a household name, and Microsoft's Copilot, used for productivity software, is also becoming a significant business. Alphabet-C urgently needs a groundbreaking product to prove its leadership position in the field of artificial intelligence.

Last month, Pichai stated at a public event that Alphabet-C is focused on launching Gemini 1.0 as soon as possible, ensuring that it is competitive and state-of-the-art.

One key challenge faced by the Gemini team is to ensure that it is as good as or better than GPT-4.

One source stated that Gemini has already met this standard in certain aspects, but the development team is still making improvements, hoping that Gemini can perform well in multiple languages worldwide.

It is worth mentioning that OpenAI also faces challenges in improving GPT-4. It quietly canceled a major new model called Arrakis that was being developed earlier this year. According to The Information, OpenAI has recently made a breakthrough with a project called Q*, which has the potential to develop more powerful models.