2024.04.01 03:20
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Rushing to "IPO"! These "hidden big shots" just launched new products "before Qingming"

In the first week of April, there were 17 new funds launched, including index funds, bond funds, equity funds, and FOF funds. Yang Dong from Guangfa Fund took on a major role as the fund manager of Guangfa Multi-Factor Hybrid Fund and achieved outstanding performance. Gao Qunshan from Jiashi Fund is a veteran in fixed income investments

Modern Qingming is no longer like the old days, it's not "raining on Qingming Festival" or "shepherd pointing to the apricot blossom village" anymore.

Nowadays, Qingming is a good time to launch new funds.

Just at the beginning of the second quarter of this year, various fund companies seem to have geared up, sending out their best performers to compete in the battlefield. Some companies have sent out core veterans, while others have sent out hidden "big shots". Can you imagine how intense the "battle" will be this year?

A Week with Many Choices

According to choice data statistics, although there are only 4 working days in the upcoming week, there are 17 new funds being issued.

Moreover, 16 of these funds are all being issued on the first day of April.

The types of funds in the upcoming week are also quite diverse, including 6 index funds, 8 bond funds, 2 equity-oriented funds, and 1 FOF fund.

Index funds and bond funds still dominate the scene. Index funds range from the CSI A50 Index to the challenging and opportunistic CSI Innovative Medicine Industry Index, CSI Chip Industry Index, and more.

In addition, pure bonds, secondary bond funds, mixed equity-oriented funds, and FOFs are all available, providing investors with a variety of investment opportunities.

Hidden Big Shot Ready to Shine

Guangfa Fund will send out the "hidden big shot" Yang Dong, who has been performing well in recent years, to take on a major role.

His resume shows that Yang Dong graduated from Tsinghua University, with 16 years of experience in the securities industry and 12 years of investment management experience. Since September 2009, he has been a portfolio investment manager at Guangfa Fund, with outstanding performance, having won the Golden Eagle Award for portfolio management three times.

In 2021, he announced his participation in the management of public funds, serving as the fund manager for Guangfa Multi-Factor Hybrid Fund. The fund has recently performed remarkably well, with a return of 17.71% over the past three years, significantly outperforming the category average (-15.51%) and the SSE 300 Index (-29.91%). In 2021, he even achieved the fourth place in the market performance ranking.

Yang Dong is generally a combination of "quantitative" and "active equity" fund manager, and in recent years, many outstanding fund managers of this "niche" category have emerged. However, most of them do not manage large amounts of assets.

It is worth paying attention to whether Yang Dong's new fund can continue his past performance.

"Fixed Income +" All-Rounder Appears Again

Jiashi Fund's Gao Qunshan is an old hand in fixed income, with a composite experience of both buying and selling, and has also served in several well-known fixed income companies.

His resume shows that he has served as a macro analyst at Moneta Company's research department, chief analyst at Xingye Securities Research Institute, deputy general manager of the fixed income department at Tianfeng Securities, deputy general manager of the special account department at Pengyang Fund, and assistant director of the fixed income department at Xingzheng Global Fund In March 2022, he joined Harvest Fund Management Co., Ltd. and worked in the fixed income research system.

Since joining Harvest Fund in March 2022 and working in the fixed income research system, he has focused on the research of "fixed income +" products and managed 4 "fixed income +" products.

Based on the performance over the past year, perhaps due to maintaining a certain amount of equity varieties, Gao Qunshan's overall performance is currently at an industry average level.

The future performance of Gao Qunshan, and whether he can balance the profitability of biased debt funds and the opportunities in stock investments, may be crucial.

Can the veteran branch out?

In Guohai Franklin, where veterans gather, Wang Xiaoning may be one of the best choices they can currently offer.

According to his resume, Wang Xiaoning graduated from Central University of Finance and Economics, with over ten years of cumulative work experience. He mainly manages equity funds and is one of the "ten-year +" fund managers in Guohai Franklin.

Among Guofu's veteran managers, Xu Lirong has been promoted to general manager, and Zhao Xiaodong's scale has also reached nearly 19 billion. In comparison, Wang Xiaoning, who is also a core member of the investment research team, currently manages entrusted assets of around 3 billion, which is just the right time to take on more responsibilities.

Referring to the Guofu Strategic Return Hybrid Fund he managed, he achieved good performance and rankings in most years.

And his partner this time, Wang Li, has accumulated 8 years and 69 days of work experience. Wang Li previously served as a bond trader at Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. and Guohai Franklin Fund Management Co., Ltd. In 2016, she became a fund manager at Guohai Franklin Fund. Based on her past fund management performance, most of them are in the upper-middle range of the same category rankings.

This time, Wang Xiaoning and Wang Li are partnering to manage secondary bond funds, which can be considered a "strong collaboration." The future developments are also worth paying attention to