2024.04.01 08:53
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Amazon is training a large model "Olympus", aiming to surpass Claude by mid-year

The importance of LLM in the AI strategies of tech giants is becoming increasingly prominent

Author: Li Xiaoyin

Source: Hard AI

Amazon has increased its investment in AI startup Anthropic, while accelerating the development pace of its own AGI team.

According to media reports, Amazon recently completed its second round of investment in AI company Anthropic, with a total investment of $4 billion; at the same time, the company's own AGI team is actively training its flagship AI model "Olympus", directly competing with Anthropic's Claude.

It is reported that Olympus is of a massive scale, with billions of parameters, led by Senior Vice President Rohit Prasad, expected to surpass Claude by mid-year.

Amazon's additional investment in Anthropic this time amounts to $2.75 billion, setting a record for the largest single investment in an external company in the company's history. Although Amazon only holds a minority stake in Anthropic and does not interfere in its management, Anthropic has committed to spending $4 billion on AWS in the coming years. Some analysts believe that Amazon will eventually acquire Anthropic through competition with Microsoft's OpenAI.

While increasing its bets on AI startups, Amazon is also developing competitive products to benchmark against them. These two major moves not only reflect Amazon's determination to compete with rivals such as Microsoft in the AI field through AWS (cloud computing services) for the technological high ground, but also highlight its emphasis on LLM (Large Language Model) technology