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2024.04.01 08:27
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WSB Hot Discussion | Electric vehicle stock Nikola doubles, is it time to harvest the leeks again?

Since its listing, Nikola has experienced a maximum decline of 99% within the period

Chip stocks are popular, with Nvidia ranking first in popularity, AMD sixth, and TSMC seventh. Nvidia's stock price has been unable to break through to new highs, possibly indicating a trend of maintaining a wide range of fluctuations in the short term.

In the Taiwanese semiconductor sector, apart from TSMC's significant increase, Hon Hai's stock price has risen by nearly 50% in the past month. Both have ADRs in the US stock market, with the largest increase in the past year being Guangda Computer, which has more than doubled in the past year.

Top 12 by market capitalization:

It is worth noting that in the first quarter, foreign capital flowed into the South Korean stock market, with overseas investors net buying $12.2 billion of local Korean stocks, with semiconductor companies being the most popular, such as Samsung Electronics (attracting $4.1 billion in inflows) and SK Hynix (attracting $1.3 billion).

New stocks are ranked third in Reddit's popularity, with prices falling by 14% last Thursday, while ALAB fell by 7%.

Tesla ranks eighth in popularity, about to announce Q1 delivery volume, with analysts expecting it not to be too bad. With Wall Street lowering estimates, investors' concerns about Tesla's first-quarter electric vehicle delivery volume have intensified. However, the actual situation may not be as bad as Wall Street imagines. According to the market consensus summarized by FactSet, Tesla's first-quarter delivery volume is expected to be 457,000 vehicles, higher than 423,000 vehicles in the same period in 2023, and well above analysts' latest forecast of 425,000 vehicles.

Blockchain company MSTR ranks ninth in popularity, falling nearly 6% before the market opens, dropping 11% last Thursday, with BTC falling in the past 24 hours.

Electric vehicle stock Nikola ranks 13th in popularity, with recent rebounds, rising 11% before the market opens, from a low of $0.58 in mid-March to a high of $1.17 before the market opens, doubling in value. The stock's historical high was nearly $94, but due to many issues, the stock price has been falling all the way, with a maximum decline of 99%. In addition to fundamental issues, there is also a "harvesting" behavior, with Nikola founder Milton selling over $150 million worth of shares.

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