2024.04.02 03:01
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Tesla China opens Q2 2024 with massive export efforts

Tesla China is ramping up its export efforts in Q2 2024, with a large fleet of vehicles being prepared for export to foreign territories. The company is also implementing a price increase for its best-selling Model Y crossover in China. Despite competition from Xiaomi's SU7, Tesla's recent price increase shows confidence in its electric vehicles.

It appears that Tesla China is not missing a beat with its export efforts even as the second quarter of 2024 begins. This was hinted at in a recent drone flyover of the Shanghai Southport Terminal, which shows a large fleet of Tesla vehicles being prepared for export to foreign territories.

Longtime Tesla China watcher Wu Wa, who has been chronicling the development and progress of the electric vehicle maker’s operations in the country since Giga Shanghai’s earliest days, recently shared aerial footage he took at the Shanghai Southport Terminal on April 1, 2024. As per the drone operator’s footage, a significant number of the export fleet is comprised of upgraded Model 3 sedans.

Interestingly enough, a notable number of Model 3 sedans that were being prepared for export were painted in Tesla’s new Ultra Red color, which costs an additional RMB 12,000 ($1,650) charge in China. The presence of the vehicles in Tesla China’s recently spotted export fleet suggests that Ultra Red may be a popular color in places like Europe or Australia, which are supplied by Giga Shanghai.

Tesla's lineup in Shanghai's Southport is changing weekly.#Tesla #shanghaisouthporthttps://t.co/TLrEpHXoAD pic.twitter.com/BQ3zjdK68V

— WuWa (@bentv_sh) April 1, 2024

While the EV segment in China is becoming more competitive, Tesla China has implemented a price increase for its best-selling vehicle in the country, the Model Y crossover. Tesla increased the price of the Model Y by RMB 5,000 ($692) with its recent price update, which means that the base Model Y RWD now starts at RMB 263,900 ($36,500), the Model Y AWD Long Range now starts at RMB 304,900 ($42,140), and the Model Y Performance now starts at RMB 368,900 ($51,000).

Tesla’s recent price increase shows some confidence on the part of the electric vehicle maker, which is quite interesting considering that the upgraded Model 3 recently welcomed its newest competitor, the Xiaomi SU7. The Xiaomi SU7 is larger and more affordable than the Model 3, and it has generated quite a lot of buzz in China so far. Over the weekend, the smartphone giant’s showrooms saw lines of people waiting to see the SU7 — a scene reminiscent of Tesla stores in China in 2019 when the Model 3 sedan was initially brought to the country.

Watch Wu Wa’s recent flyover of the Shanghai Southport Terminal in the video below.

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