2024.04.02 08:19
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Wang Huiwen returns to Meituan

Veteran returns

Author | Liu Baodan

Wang Huiwen, the old partner of Wang Xing and co-founder of Meituan, is returning to Meituan.

According to Wall Street News, Meituan CEO Wang Xing announced in an internal email on April 2nd that Wang Huiwen is gradually recovering and will serve as a consultant to Meituan part-time.

Sources revealed that after nearly a year of treatment, Wang Huiwen's recent condition has stabilized to some extent, but he has not fully recovered. Medical advice suggests that engaging in some low-stress work with regularity in the short term is beneficial for recovery. Therefore, the decision to serve as a consultant involves participating in work part-time.

Wang Huiwen's re-engagement in Meituan's business is undoubtedly good news. Currently, Meituan is fiercely competing in the local life market, and Wang Huiwen can play a role in strategic planning, business innovation, and other aspects.

In the email, Wang Xing stated, "Old Wang will support me and everyone in the company's strategy, culture, talent development, as well as technological innovation and exploration of new businesses with his experience and wisdom."

In Meituan's development history, Wang Huiwen is an indispensable figure.

As Wang Xing's college roommate at Tsinghua University, Wang Huiwen co-founded an online platform with Wang Xing. In 2010, Wang Huiwen joined Meituan, helping the company stand out from the "group-buying war" and establishing and promoting the development of the food delivery business. Today, food delivery has become Meituan's highest moat in its core business.

After a decade of development, Meituan has firmly established itself as the king of local life. In 2020, Wang Huiwen began to step back from specific management affairs at Meituan but continued to fulfill his duties as a director and focus on the company's strategic planning, organizational development, and talent development.

Three years later, Wang Huiwen hoped to devote more time to other commercial and personal matters, transitioning from an executive director to a non-executive director at Meituan. At the same time, he announced his foray into the AI field and the establishment of a large-scale model startup company, Beyond Lightyears.

While the industry was anticipating Beyond Lightyears' achievements in the AI sector, Wang Huiwen had to take a leave for medical treatment in June 2023 due to personal health issues, and Beyond Lightyears was subsequently acquired by Meituan.

Currently, the local life market is in intense competition. Douyin Local Life aims to double its sales target in 2024 to reach 600 billion RMB, with Kuaishou, Alibaba, and others also intensifying efforts to grab a share of the local life market. Meituan is in a challenging position, surrounded by fierce competition and facing crucial hiring decisions.

Since last year, Wang Xing has been making frequent personnel changes, first promoting five vice presidents in one go, and then adjusting the heads of departments such as in-store dining, aiming to strengthen the talent pool and bring more capable individuals to the forefront.

Now, with Wang Huiwen's improved health and return to Meituan, this can also help Wang Xing to some extent.

"Welcome Old Wang to continue fighting alongside us," Wang Xing concluded in the email, "Wishing Old Wang a speedy and full recovery!"