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2024.04.02 10:17
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Pre-market trading in US stocks: Tesla fell nearly 2%, leading the decline in technology stocks, while cryptocurrency stocks continued to plummet

Li Auto and Bilibili rose more than 2% in pre-market trading, Pinduoduo rose nearly 1%, Alibaba fell nearly 1%, XPeng, Nio, NetEase, and Baidu fell more than 1%. Microstrategy fell more than 7%, Marathon Digital fell more than 5%, Coinbase fell 3%. DJT briefly fell 5%, Xiaoniu Electric briefly rose 10%, AST SpaceMobile briefly fell more than 11%

U.S. Stock News

  1. Benefiting from high store conversion rates and rapid growth in app content, Apple's Vision Pro achieved a weekly sales volume of about 15,000 units in the U.S. As of March 31, the total sales volume of Vision Pro in the U.S. market is about 370,000 units+.

  2. Today, Bitcoin fell nearly $2,000 in the short term, dropping below $67,000 per coin, with an intraday decline of over 5%. According to CoinGlass data, in the past 24 hours, over 154,000 people were liquidated in the cryptocurrency market, with a total liquidation amount of $500 million (approximately 3.617 billion RMB).

  3. Today, there were reports from self-media that Liu Yilin, the Director of Autonomous Driving Products at XPeng Motors, will resign. The internal announcement of this change has already been made. The report also mentioned that after Liu Yilin's resignation, he may join NVIDIA and work under Eddie Wu. However, Liu Yilin himself later denied this rumor.

  4. The China Passenger Car Association disclosed the wholesale sales volume of new energy vehicles for major passenger car manufacturers in China in March, with Tesla China selling 89,064 units and BYD selling 301,631 units.

  5. Lei Jun, Chairman of Xiaomi Group, announced on Weibo that the first batch delivery ceremony of Xiaomi's SU7 will be held tomorrow at Xiaomi's car factory in Yizhuang, Beijing. The nationwide delivery center in 28 cities will also start deliveries simultaneously tomorrow.

Pre-market Movement

In the U.S. stock market pre-market, the futures of the three major stock indexes fell, and the fear index rose.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $65,952, down 5% in 24 hours; Ethereum is currently trading at $3,334, down nearly 6% in 24 hours.

Tech stocks and cryptocurrency-related stocks are generally down pre-market, while Chinese concept stocks are mixed.

Microstrategy is down over 7%, Marathon Digital is down over 5%, and Coinbase is down 3%.

Tesla is down nearly 2%, NVIDIA, AMD, and others are all down.

Among Chinese concept stocks, Li Auto, Bilibili are up over 2%, Pinduoduo is up nearly 1%, Alibaba is down nearly 1%, XPeng, Nio, NetEase, Baidu are down over 1%.

Trump concept stock DJT fell over 5% at one point.

In terms of individual stocks, Xpeng Motors rose 10% at one point, and NXT's monthly sales exceeded 125 million RMB.

AST SpaceMobile fell over 11% at one point, with Q4 net losses widening.

Strategy Review

1. Goldman Sachs: S&P 500 and the "Seven Sisters" have risen too much!

Goldman Sachs warns that the future 6-month return of the S&P 500 will significantly decline, as the current valuation levels are close to the high levels of January 2022. The previous wave of selling driven by inflation started from similar high levels 2. Is today's AI a repeat of the 2000 Internet bubble?

With assets tripling in 1 minute, how did the 2000 Internet bubble achieve financial freedom for retail investors? Even the greatest companies, if bought at the peak back then, are still considered a correct decision in hindsight!

3. Tesla delivery data faces a major test, Wall Street lowers expectations, pessimists: may see the first decline since the beginning of the pandemic

Some analysts point out that Tesla may experience its first sales decline since the beginning of the pandemic, with analysts lowering their expectations for Tesla's Q1 deliveries. It is reported that Tesla may announce first-quarter delivery and production figures on Tuesday morning