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2024.04.02 10:21
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WSB Hot Discussion | Storage chips are hot, Micron hits a new high

Western Digital rose by 3.8%, also hitting a new high for the period

Trump concept stock DJT is the hottest, plummeting 21% overnight and continuing to fall 5% before the market opens. The stock mainly relies on speculative enthusiasm. Professor Jay Ritter from the University of Florida said it is probably only worth $2 because it lacks any fundamental support, with revenue of only $3.4 million in the first three quarters of last year and a loss of $49 million.

In terms of chip stocks, NVIDIA is the second hottest, with the heat decreasing recently after the GTC conference. TSMC ranks fifth in heat, rebounding over 4% overnight. AMD is eighth with a 1.5% increase. Micron Technology (MU) ranks 12th, hitting a new high overnight with a more than 5% increase, while its industry peer Western Digital rose 3.8%, also reaching a new high in the short term, but both have seen significant short-term gains.

As for emerging stocks, Reddit ranks fourth in heat, continuing to fall overnight by over 6.7%, hitting a new low since going public. AI stock ALAB fell by 4.1%.

Apparel stock Guess is the seventh hottest, rising 6% overnight and nearly 20% in the past month, exceeding expectations.

Financial services company RILY is the ninth hottest, rising 6% overnight.

Blockchain stock MSTR ranks 14th in heat, falling nearly 4% overnight and dropping 7% before the market opens. BTC dropped by about 5% in the past 24 hours.

Data source: apewisdom, the most discussed stocks in the past 24 hours


The Wall Street Bets (WSB) channel on Reddit was created in 2012 and has attracted more than 15 million users. It is a gathering place for retail investors to discuss US stocks. The stocks discussed in this channel are often the hottest at the moment. Due to the channel's influence, it may drive stock price movements.

Risk Warning:

WSB-discussed stocks, especially for small companies (such as GME and AMC in 2021), may experience significant fluctuations due to retail investors' pursuit or abandonment. Please be aware of the risks