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2024.04.03 10:21
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Pre-market US Stocks | XPeng, Li Auto lead the decline in electric vehicle stocks! Cryptocurrency stocks rise

Tech stocks only saw a slight pre-market increase in Microsoft, while Nvidia fell over 1%. Tesla and AMD dropped nearly 1%, Intel briefly fell over 5%. As for Chinese concept stocks, XPeng, Li Auto, Bilibili fell over 2%, Nio dropped nearly 2%, Baidu, Alibaba, Pinduoduo fell over 1%. TSMC also dropped over 1%

U.S. Stock News

  1. The Monetary Policy Committee of the People's Bank of China stated that it will increase the implementation of existing monetary policies; promote the stability and reduction of financing costs for enterprises and credit costs for residents; resolutely guard against the risk of exchange rate overshooting, prevent the formation of unilateral consistent expectations and self-reinforcement, and maintain the basic stability of the RMB exchange rate at a reasonable and balanced level.

  2. According to an agreement between China and the United States, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will visit China from April 4th to 9th.

  3. Elon Musk responded to criticism from Tesla investor Robert Gebler about the company's first-quarter sales decline on X, comparing the sales of competitor BYD. Musk responded, "He is really an idiot, doesn't even know he's an idiot. BYD's sales dropped by 42% compared to the previous quarter. This was a tough quarter for everyone."

  4. According to Bloomberg, Google announced that it will invest $15 million to support artificial intelligence technology.

  5. Li Auto issued a company-wide announcement, announcing the start of Matrix Organization 2.0 upgrade and multiple department organizational structure adjustments. The CEO Office of Li Auto has been officially renamed as the "Product and Strategy Group."

  6. Li Auto shareholder Wang Xing slightly reduced his company's shares again on March 28th, selling 1.7984 million shares at a price of HKD 121.9197 per share, with a total transaction amount of approximately HKD 219 million. After this sale, Wang Xing's shareholding decreased to 380 million shares, and his shareholding ratio decreased from 21.63% to 21.53%. This marks Wang Xing's continued adjustment of his holdings in Li Auto after selling small amounts multiple times before.

Previously, between March 20th and March 23rd, Wang Xing sold Li Auto's shares six times, including three times in the U.S. and three times in Hong Kong, selling approximately 2.6 million shares in total, cashing out about HKD 292 million, equivalent to approximately RMB 256 million.

  1. Xiaomi Group founder Lei Jun announced at the first delivery ceremony of Xiaomi SU7 that within a few days of the launch of Xiaomi SU7, there were over 100,000 pre-orders, with over 40,000 units locked in.

Pre-market Movement

In the U.S. stock market pre-market, the futures of the three major stock indexes fell, and the fear index surged.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $66,433, slightly up in the past 24 hours; Ethereum is currently trading at $3,341, slightly down in the past 24 hours.

Cryptocurrency concept stocks rose in pre-market trading, while technology stocks and Chinese concept stocks generally fell.

Microstrategy rose by over 2%, Marathon Digital and Coinbase rose by over 1%.

Among technology stocks, only Microsoft rose slightly in pre-market trading, while NVIDIA fell by over 1%, Tesla and AMD fell by nearly 1%; Intel fell by over 5% at one point, with its foundry business expecting a sharp increase in losses to $7 billion in 2023 In terms of Chinese concept stocks, XPeng, Li Auto, and Bilibili fell by more than 2%, Nio fell by nearly 2%, Baidu, Alibaba, and Pinduoduo fell by over 1%, while and NetEase fell by less than 1%.

TSMC fell by over 1% and paused the construction of its new plant in Taiwan.

Strategy Review

1. Tesla's "Waterloo" in deliveries, besides weak demand, is Musk to blame the most?

Some believe that Musk, who holds multiple positions, did not pay enough attention to Tesla. His extreme remarks on social media have damaged Tesla's brand image.

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3. Is it time to "buy the dip" on Apple?

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