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2024.05.15 10:30
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Pre-market trading in US stocks | WSB concept stocks experience ups and downs! Market focuses on tonight's US CPI

Meme stocks fluctuated before the market opened, with GameStop (GME) initially rising over 34%, then falling 7%, and now rising again by 12%; AMC Theatres surged over 37%, then dropped over 4%, and is now up by 12%. Faraday Future soared over 150% at one point, but the gain has narrowed to around 117% now. Sunpower dropped over 11%, after rising nearly 80% in the previous two trading days

U.S. Stock Market News

  1. According to Securities Times, there are rumors in the market that relevant departments in China are considering a plan to have local governments across the country purchase unsold existing housing stock. This plan may involve banks providing loans. It is important to note that similar versions of this plan have been circulated before, but there has been no official confirmation so far.

  2. Microsoft responds to rumors of its AI team in China "moving to the U.S.": Currently, a small number of Microsoft employees have been given the opportunity to choose international rotations. Employees can choose to accept the rotation or continue working in their current positions.

  3. Baidu stated that it will consider possible cooperation opportunities with Tesla regarding the Robotaxi (autonomous taxi) that Tesla plans to launch, based on specific application models and the pace of entering the Chinese market provided by Tesla.

  4. Baidu's Robotaxi business "Luobo Kuai Pao" launches its sixth-generation model, the Yiche 06, a model developed in collaboration with Baidu Apollo and Jiangling New Energy, with a factory price of 204,600 yuan and an initial delivery of 1,000 units. The design of this vehicle falls between an SUV and an MPV.

  5. Musk posted on X that the subscription rate for Tesla's FSD software among U.S. car owners is much higher than 2%. Previously, data from credit card data provider Yipit showed that among U.S. car owners who received a one-month free trial of FSD, only 2% chose to subscribe to the service after the trial period ended.

  6. NVIDIA's latest proxy filing shows that CEO Jensen Huang's total compensation for the 2024 fiscal year is $34.2 million, a 60% increase year-on-year. His compensation includes $26.7 million in stock awards, $4 million in cash bonuses, and $2.5 million in other expenses, including residential security, car, and driver costs.

  7. ByteDance releases the "Dou Bao" large model, claiming that its main model is 99.3% cheaper than industry standards.

  8. Xiaomi's official Weibo account announced the delivery of the 10,000th Xiaomi SU7. Lei Jun also mentioned on Weibo that they are continuing to expand production capacity to ensure the delivery of 100,000 units this year.

Pre-Market Movers

In pre-market trading, U.S. stock index futures are mixed, with the fear index rising.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $62,884, up nearly 2% in the past 24 hours; Ethereum is trading at $2,929, up nearly 1% in the past 24 hours.

Chinese concept stocks and cryptocurrency-related stocks are generally up in pre-market trading, while tech stocks show mixed movements.

Nio leads the gains with over 3% increase, Bilibili, NetEase, Baidu, and are up over 1%, while Li Auto, XPeng, Pinduoduo, and Alibaba are up less than 1%.

Microstrategy is up nearly 3%, Marathon Digital, and Coinbase are up over 1% Tesla and AMD rose, while Nvidia, Meta, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon all saw slight declines.

Stocks related to the WSB concept fluctuated, with GameStop (GME) surging over 34% at one point, then dropping 7%, and now rising again by 12%; AMC Theatres surged over 37% at one point, then dropped over 4%, and is now up by 12%.

In terms of individual stocks, Sunpower fell over 11%, after rising nearly 80% in the previous two trading days.

Faraday Future surged over 150% at one point, but the increase has now narrowed to around 117%.

Petrobras fell over 8%, with the company's CEO being dismissed by Brazilian President Lula.

New York Community Bank rose over 5% and is set to sell approximately $5 billion in warehouse loans to JPMorgan.

Strategy Review

1. The key to the rebound in US stocks depends on tonight's US CPI for April!

Morgan Stanley believes that the "key catalyst for the success or failure of stock trading" in the US is the US CPI data for April. UBS predicts that the implied volatility of CPI on US stocks will exceed 1%, indicating significant market volatility.

2. Is it the right time to bottom fish for the "hottest AI stock"? Super Micro Computer is undervalued!

SMCI is showing unstoppable revenue growth momentum, with its profitability expanding at an exceptionally rapid pace. With tech giants continuing to increase their investments in data centers and the company's close collaboration with Nvidia, analysts are very optimistic about the company's further growth potential.

3. The meme stock craze is brewing, will the Bitcoin market follow suit?

"The consolidation period in these markets may last a long time and be very boring. The market narrative for Bitcoin has lost momentum... I don't think the revival of the meme stock craze will be a catalyst for the next move in Bitcoin."