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Today's Key News Review | Dolphin Research

0928 Key Focus of Dolphin Research:

🐬 Macro/Industry

1. Starting tomorrow, the A-share market will be closed for 10 days during the "Golden Week" holiday, from September 29th to October 9th. The Hong Kong stock market will trade as usual on September 29th, close on October 2nd for one day, and resume trading on October 3rd. The Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect will be closed for trading from September 29th and resume trading on October 9th. The U.S. stock market will trade as usual during the holiday.

2. On September 27th, the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) announced that its new digital Initial Public Offering (IPO) settlement platform, FINI, will be officially launched on November 22nd. This platform aims to simplify and digitize the IPO process in Hong Kong, reducing the settlement cycle from the current "T+5" to "T+2". Shortening the IPO cycle will significantly reduce the time investors' funds are locked up, improve capital utilization efficiency, and enhance market liquidity in the Hong Kong stock market.

🐬 Individual Stocks


In an announcement on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, LI AUTO-W stated that it has terminated its ATM equity offering in the U.S. The reason for termination is that the company does not plan to raise additional funds or sell additional shares. Last year, LI AUTO-W planned to raise up to $2 billion through American depositary shares, but so far, it has only raised $536.4 million, which falls short of the target. The termination of the financing reflects the company's sound financial condition and ample liquidity. LI AUTO-W hopes to stabilize investor sentiment during the continuous decline in stock price. The stock has been declining from its peak for over a month and closed down more than 3% today.

🐬 Top-performing Sectors

Shanghai and Shenzhen: Audio electronic manufacturing, consumer electronic component manufacturing, other retail sectors.

Hong Kong: General or diversified income, clothing and accessory retail, business support services.

U.S.: Real estate investment and services, oil and gas operation support activities, fossil fuel exploration and production.

🐬 Focus for Tomorrow

1. None.

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