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Today's Key News Review | Dolphin Research

0914 Dolphin Research Focus:

🐬 Macro/Industry

1. The labor contracts between the United Auto Workers (UAW), with approximately 150,000 members, and the "Big Three" automakers (General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis) are set to expire tonight at midnight. However, due to disagreements on compensation proposals, job security, and pension benefits, the UAW is prepared to launch simultaneous strikes against all three automakers for the first time in history. The automotive industry accounts for 3% of the US GDP, and the "Big Three" hold over 90% of the US automotive market share. Economists estimate that a large-scale strike could result in a daily loss of around $500 million for the US economy. However, based on past experiences, labor strikes are often avoided at the last minute.

🐬 Individual Stocks

1. $ Moutai.CN

Ferrero's official Weibo account announced that the liquor-filled chocolates produced in collaboration with Moutai will be launched on September 16. Just 10 days ago, Moutai and Luckin Coffee jointly released the "Sauce Fragrance Latte," which caused a sensation in offline stores and on social media. Although this type of promotion is considered short-term and may not lead to sustained repurchases, Moutai is capitalizing on its success and accelerating its efforts in brand collaborations and cross-border products.

2. $ Huawei.NA

Huawei officially announced that it will hold its autumn full-scenario product launch event on September 25, which reportedly includes the release of new smartphones. This event, originally planned to coincide with Apple's launch, is finally happening "a little late." According to Huawei's terminal Weibo account, the Huawei Mate X5 went on sale today at 10:08 am, starting at 12,999 yuan. Shortly after the start of batch orders, the product was sold out in seconds.


Benefiting from multiple positive news, Xiaomi Group's stock price rose by over 4% at one point. On one hand, according to leaked information, Xiaomi will release two new models in the Xiaomi 14 series in early November, targeting the positioning of the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max. Mass production has already begun, and the overall channel inventory orders have increased by a significant 60% compared to the same period last year. On the other hand, Xiaomi and Huawei announced a global patent cross-licensing agreement, covering communication technologies including 5G.

🐬 Leading Sectors

Shanghai and Shenzhen: Coal and uranium mining, other communication equipment, exploration and production of fossil fuels;

Hong Kong Stock Exchange: Household appliances and tools, exploration and production of fossil fuels, downstream energy;

US Stock Market: Coal and uranium mining, internet hosting services, other materials.

🐬 Focus for Tomorrow

1. China's year-on-year growth rate of industrial added value, China's year-on-year growth rate of total retail sales of consumer goods;

2. US monthly import price index, US monthly industrial output, US one-year inflation expectations.

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