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Today's Key News Review | Dolphin Research

0915 Dolphin Research Focus:

🐬 Macro/Industry

1. China's industrial added value in August increased by 4.5%, achieving a better-than-expected recovery; China's total retail sales of consumer goods in August increased by 4.6% YoY, with growth rate showing a turning point. Boosted by the positive economic data in August and the announcement of a 0.25 percentage point reserve requirement ratio cut by the central bank last night, both the Hong Kong and A-share markets rallied, with offshore renminbi rising more than 200 points.

2. Labor negotiations have failed, and the UAW will launch strikes in multiple states in the United States, marking the first time in 88 years for the union. The scope of the strike has further expanded, and the operation of the U.S. automotive industry may be thrown into chaos, thereby affecting the U.S. economy.

🐬 Individual Stocks

1. $ Alphabet.US

It is reported that Alphabet will release the AI model Gemini, aiming to compete with OpenAI's GPT-4 model. In the wave of artificial intelligence sparked by ChatGPT, Google has increased its investment in generative artificial intelligence (AIGC) this year in an attempt to catch up. The company has invested a large amount of computing resources and manpower in developing this product, so the release of Gemini is of great importance to Google.

🐬 Leading Sectors

Shanghai and Shenzhen: Tumor biopharmaceuticals, general medical devices, outsourcing development and manufacturing services;

Hong Kong: Business support services, diversified medical services, outsourcing development and manufacturing services;

U.S. Stocks: Electronic equipment manufacturing, plastic products, coal and uranium mining.

🐬 Tomorrow's Focus

1. None.

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