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Today's Key News Review | Dolphin Research

0918 Dolphin Research Focus:

🐬 Stocks

1. $ Taiwan Semiconductor.US

According to media reports, due to increasing concerns about customer demand, TSMC has notified its major suppliers to postpone the delivery of high-end chip manufacturing equipment. The company's $40 billion chip factory in Arizona, USA, is also facing delays. Today, chip stocks in the Hong Kong stock market fell across the board, with SMIC dropping more than 5%, and Dutch lithography machine manufacturer ASML will also be affected. The semiconductor industry's business outlook has gradually bottomed out, but the visibility of short-term recovery remains low.

2. $ Apple.US

Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted that the demand for the iPhone 15 Pro Max is quite crazy, surpassing last year's iPhone 14 Pro Max. The iPhone 15 series new models started pre-sales online last Friday. Due to the continued weakness of the global smartphone market and Huawei's earlier release of the new Mate 60, the demand for Apple's new phones has not been optimistic. However, according to current data from Tmall and JD.com, the market acceptance of the iPhone 15 still seems relatively positive.

🐬 Leading Sectors

Shanghai and Shenzhen: Department stores and retail, automotive and ship electronic manufacturing, general or multi-industry income;

Hong Kong: Catering and retail, professional data and services, diagnostics and drug delivery devices;

US Stocks: Electronic equipment manufacturing, software distribution, other mining.

🐬 Tomorrow's Focus

1. None.

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