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Today's Key News Review | Dolphin Research

0925 Dolphin Research Focus:

🐬 Macro/Industry

1. According to the policy deployment of the People's Bank of China and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, as well as the adjustment rules issued by various banks, the adjustment of existing housing loan interest rates will officially take effect from today. According to calculations, this adjustment of interest rates for first-time home buyers will benefit approximately 40 million households and hundreds of millions of residents, with an average reduction of about 80 basis points.

🐬 Individual Stocks

1. $ Huawei.NA

Huawei's autumn full-scene new product launch will be held at 14:30 on September 25th, unveiling the brand-new high-end brand ULTIMATE DESIGN. The brand has achieved comprehensive upgrades. Since the launch of the Mate 60 series pioneer plan, it has been well received by consumers and is currently working overtime for urgent production. Today, the Huawei industrial chain sector remains active.

2. $ Amazon.US

It is reported that Amazon will invest up to $4 billion in artificial intelligence startup Anthropic, and the two parties will jointly develop reliable and high-performance foundational models to promote the development of generative AI. Anthropic also promises to rely mainly on Amazon's cloud services to train its future large-scale AI models, including the use of a large number of proprietary chips purchased from Amazon.

🐬 Leading Sectors

Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges: Outsourcing development and manufacturing services, tumor biopharmaceuticals, cable equipment;

Hong Kong Stock Exchange: General or multi-industry income, catering and retail, diversified medical services;

US Stock Exchange: Software distribution, automotive and marine electronics manufacturing, electronic equipment manufacturing.

🐬 Tomorrow's Focus

1. None.

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