What industry does Wall Street favor the most as the fourth quarter approaches?Wall Street questions the prospects of Arm, will SoftBank sell it?Pre-market US stocks | "Doomsday Doctor" predicts a possible 10% drop in US stocks, Apple iPhone 15 series selling well in ChinaThe Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Conducting research on application standards for industrial metaverse, urban metaverse, virtual digital humans, etc.The Federal Reserve is unlikely to raise interest rates this week, but could the US stock market still decline?The yen's downward trend shows no signs of stopping as Japanese people scramble to buy gold.Is a Reversal Coming? The Most Underperforming Sector in the US Stock Market This Year is Severely OversoldGoldman Sachs: Inverted yield curve does not necessarily mean a recession in the United States, because "this time is different"Bearish positions plummet! Hedge funds shift to bullish on the US dollar ahead of the Federal Reserve meeting.After the successful IPO of Arm, "American version of Meituan" Instacart has also arrived.US Stock Options | Active Trading in Bearish Options for NVIDIA and AMD, Surge in Put Options for Ford and General Motors【大涨解读】无人驾驶:国内外多重催化刺激,自动驾驶大涨,机构称正迎来三大拐点E-commerce Industry Differentiation: Pinduoduo Takes the Lead, Alibaba and JD.com Catching Up?中金:中美周期当前所处位置阿里巴巴集团计划在土耳其投资 20 亿美元央行主管媒体:物价触底回升 人民币汇率形成后续支撑Tesla's 5 millionth vehicle rolls off line at Shanghai plantThe Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index hit a new low for the year, while the hotel and catering industries remained active. The automobile, communication, and military industries saw the largest declines, while the real estate sector continued to slide.软银 CEO 孙正义希望继续在 AI 领域投资数百亿美元 OpenAI 为潜在投资对象What are the new changes in the first-tier real estate market after the implementation of the policy 'Recognize the Property, Not the Loan'?If the American automobile workers win the major strike, will the "four-day workweek" become mainstream in the United States?The market doesn't want more rate hikes, but economists think otherwise.居民,这次会加杠杆吗?Breakfast | This Week's Biggest Puzzle: Will the Fed Raise Interest Rates? Strong Sales for iPhone 15郭明錤:维持今年 iPhone 15 出货量约 8000 万部的预期东软熙康寻求通过香港 IPO 筹资 1.01 亿美元 预计将于 9 月 28 日开始交易This year's cumulative increase is nearly 15%! Buying small-cap stocks is becoming a winning strategy for emerging market investors.Next-generation AI computing power "revolutionary technology", TSMC bets on "silicon photonics chips", is there an opportunity for the chip industry to "overtake on a curve"?For Saudi Arabia, oil prices have long been at $100! And hedge funds are still fiercely bullish.Track Hyper | Nervous Son Masayoshi: Arm Lands on NasdaqThe Real Reason behind the Massive Strike of American Auto Workers: Anti-Electric Cars, but the Winner is MuskA few billion dollars in ammunition! Masayoshi Son wants to renew his faith in AI and has approached OpenAI for a discussion.Google AI "Killer App" is coming! Here's everything we know about Gemini so far.“泡沫预言家” 格兰瑟姆:美国衰退概率高达七成,股市反弹只是 “假动作”特斯拉 Cybertruck 预订量突破 200 万CITIC Securities: Investment Prospects of Humanoid RobotsUS Stock Market Rebounds Strongly, but Cracks Are Emerging. Can the US Economy Still Achieve a Soft Landing?大模型竟塞进自动驾驶,AI 会解说自己怎么开车了!IPO "Giant" makes its debut at its peak? Whether ARM can support a valuation of 170 times depends on whether it can withstand the "Qualcomm tax".AdobeQ4 guidance disappoints investors, but Wall Street remains optimistic about its prospects in generative AI.Fortune Bank: If the valuation is appropriate, Disney's sale of ABC to Nexstar will be beneficial to both parties.Rice prices soar! HSBC warns: This reminds people of the "2008 Asian food crisis"Biotech company RayzeBio surges over 33% on its first day of trading, with an IPO price of $18 per share.