What to pay attention to in 2024? Bank of America: Global central banks may cut interest rates in the middle of the year, and Japan is expected to break free from the "lost three decades".Formidable Competitors that Jack Ma Cannot IgnoreQuick Look at Major Banks | PDD's target price has been significantly raised! MEITUAN-W, on the other hand, has been "heavily cut", but is there still room for doubling?游戏行业的政策风向标,行业最具影响力盛会下月开幕有了 AI,亚马逊把物流玩得更溜了字节重新想了想自己的游戏业务,决定让流量去别处跳动Expanding product categories during the off-season, BOSIDENG doesn't want to only sell winter clothing.US Stock Options | Alibaba and PDD both traded over 200,000 contracts! Tesla and GME calls faced speculative trading芒格生前最后一次参加股东大会:关于阿里、比亚迪和 ChatGPTFending off the fierce attack from Douyin, but the tough days for MEITUAN-W are far from over | Insights from JZ ResearchThe US House of Representatives may abandon the use of the National Defense Authorization Act to impede restrictions on Chinese investment.赛力斯不会被华为抛弃 | 见智研究One of Munger's most classic speeches: How to live a rational and enjoyable life?Jack Ma made a rare internal speech on the company's intranet: "I firmly believe that Alibaba will undergo changes, and Alibaba will make a difference!"Bullish signals are flashing in the US stock market! Companies and insiders are going crazy buying back stocks.What does Charlie Munger's passing mean for Berkshire Hathaway?全球 “卷王”!Temu 再造拼多多Munger's passing and the era of value investing "superstars"美团当下的困境及破局之道Breakfast | US stocks are just 5% away from their all-time high, and PDD's market value is approaching Alibaba's.The expectation of the end of interest rate hikes has led to a rebound in the US stock market, with Pinduoduo surging by 18%. The US short-term bond yields have experienced a double-digit plunge.The AI talent war on Wall Street is in full swing! Goldman Sachs emerges as the loser with the largest net talent outflow.Amazon is stepping up its efforts to defend its position in the cloud market by upgrading its self-developed AI chips and launching the Q chatbot, which is powered by the latest generation of NVIDIA's super chips.Micron updates its performance guidance, with adjusted operating expenses exceeding expectations. Pre-market trading sees a sharp decline of 6%.两天连 “提” 两名行长助理,招行高管团队变为 “一正六副两行助”Pinduoduo Conference Call: Agricultural development holds strategic significance, with less focus on short-term revenue trends.Meituan conference call: The growth rate of Q4 food delivery revenue will be slightly lower than Q3, and the growth of new businesses will also face challenges.The most optimistic investment bank on Wall Street has emerged! Deutsche Bank predicts: S&P 500 to reach 5,100 points by the end of next year.新兴市场最难的时刻过去了?Meituan-W's Q3 revenue increased by 22% YoY, exceeding expectations, while net profit declined by 23.4% QoQ. The number of instant delivery transactions increased by 23.0% YoY. | Zhitong AppPre-market US stocks | Weibo Corp rises, Alibaba and JD-SWR fall! Shanghai green license may be further tightened里程碑!钙钛矿组件效率突破 18% 商业化门槛Why is Southbound capital in Hong Kong stocks "buying more as they fall"?Quick Look from Major Banks | KUAISHOU-WR Target Price Downgraded! BYD, XPENG-W, and Leapmotor Receive Positive Outlook比亚迪向下,特斯拉向上 | 见智研究US Stock Options | Alibaba, PDD call trading is hot! Tesla's trading volume continues to decline to 1.37 million contracts野村憂直播行業競爭加大 降快手目標價至 68 元中金解读三季度货政报告:信贷持续高增必要性降低 降息时点可能在明年初Meituan-W's pre-earnings slump by over 4%, hitting a 52-week low. Market estimates show that non-IFRS net profit for the last quarter increased by up to 61.5%.One chart to understand | This is the moment when ByteDance's revenue surpasses Tencent's!新加坡股市 27 日报:新加坡电信成交量暴增商汤为何跳水大跌 5%?香港警方:HOUNAX 案已接获 145 人报案,涉款约 1.48 亿港元How much will the Fed cut interest rates next year? Some traders are betting on a 250 basis point cut.对今年看走眼之后 华尔街预测美股明年会走高Deadlock! The "battle" between Tesla and Swedish labor unions continues.硬核解析 | 英伟达中国特供版 H20,性能够用吗?