Be cautious! Warren Buffett has sold approximately $23.6 billion worth of stocks this year. Is the future of the US stock market worrisome?Coinbase: Approval of Bitcoin Spot ETF Will Increase Cryptocurrency Market Cap by Billions of Dollars新加坡股市 17 日报:恒生科技指数权证遭大规模抛售"No interest rate cut!" China's 1-year and 5-year LPR rates remain unchanged in November.Hong Kong Stock Market News | LI AUTO-W rises more than 3%, company included in Hang Seng Index, IDEAL MEGA pre-orders exceed 10,000.离岸人民币兑美元触及 7.20 关口,创 8 月份来新高PSL 重启?The S&P 500 index has risen nearly 10% in just three weeks, but the market is in a panic?Breakfast | OpenAInAI "Coup Drama" Begins Second Act, Alibaba Denies "Laying Off 25,000 Employees"美联储 12 月维持利率不变的概率为 100%Small-cap stocks and junk bonds are soaring, is the market "all in" on a soft landing in the United States?国谈 DAY2:AZ、齐鲁 20 分钟谈完,华领、拜耳 “鏖战” 2 小时,华东的 GLP-1 谈成了吗?肿瘤药明天将开启大战Altman 被罢免原因来了?OpenAI 内乱解读Volvo's European stocks plummeted by 11%, hitting a historic low, after previously experiencing a discounted sale of shares by Geely Auto.Hedge fund Qube's massive short position on HSBC? Company responds: Reporting error, no net short position on HSBC!Priority AI Battle! Amazon Alexa Department Shrinks, Hundreds of Layoffs ExpectedUnderstanding the HBM Industry Chain in One ArticleAlibaba's VariationPre-market US stocks | Alibaba leads the decline of Chinese concept stocks, Weibo rises! Tesla China will continue to raise prices next week.特斯拉下周将继续上调中国市场售价Quick look at the major banks | Alibaba, Tencent! Target prices have been significantly lowered! CLOUD MUSIC receives strong positive outlook.ChatGPT 被曝测试新功能:学习所有历史聊天,还能重置记忆、“阅后即焚”Microsoft: How to balance between competitive advantage and valuation?Should we continue to buy Japanese stocks? Berkshire Hathaway has issued yen bonds for the second time this year, with a total value of 122 billion yen.* 大摩削阿里目标价至 110 美元 剔出首选股US Stock Options | Alibaba traded over 640,000 contracts overnight! Tesla calls and Apple puts are in high demand!短剧出海,原来欧美也愿意为 “土味” 买单?QUOTES-Reaction to Alibaba's scrapping of cloud unit spin-off美银证券削阿里巴巴港股目标价 17% 至 110 港元 重申买入中美双方同意,两国商务部将于明年一季度举行商贸工作组对话首次会议野村下调腾讯目标价 6% 认为 VA 可能是未来收入驱动力Breaking the traditional distribution model! Hyundai Motor wants to "sell cars online" on Amazon.特斯拉投资者痛批马斯克:他已不配当 CEO杰富瑞下调阿里目标价至 140 港元 因美出口管制放弃分拆云智能OpenAI 创始人奥特曼:对 AI 领域的政府间合作很有信心网易、拼多多为什么能成为今年涨最多的中概股?杰富瑞:维持京东集团买入评级 目标价 312 港元* 瑞银下调阿里目标价至 120 美元 评级「买入」恒指低开 1.39%,恒生科技指数跌 1.63%Surpassing GPT-4 is difficult? Google's "most powerful model" release postponed to the first quarter of next year.美股科技股,明年继续涨?