What does Charlie Munger's passing mean for Berkshire Hathaway?Munger's passing and the era of value investing "superstars"Breakfast | US stocks are just 5% away from their all-time high, and PDD's market value is approaching Alibaba's.The expectation of the end of interest rate hikes has led to a rebound in the US stock market, with Pinduoduo surging by 18%. The US short-term bond yields have experienced a double-digit plunge.The AI talent war on Wall Street is in full swing! Goldman Sachs emerges as the loser with the largest net talent outflow.Amazon is stepping up its efforts to defend its position in the cloud market by upgrading its self-developed AI chips and launching the Q chatbot, which is powered by the latest generation of NVIDIA's super chips.Micron updates its performance guidance, with adjusted operating expenses exceeding expectations. Pre-market trading sees a sharp decline of 6%.Pinduoduo Conference Call: Agricultural development holds strategic significance, with less focus on short-term revenue trends.Meituan conference call: The growth rate of Q4 food delivery revenue will be slightly lower than Q3, and the growth of new businesses will also face challenges.The most optimistic investment bank on Wall Street has emerged! Deutsche Bank predicts: S&P 500 to reach 5,100 points by the end of next year.Meituan-W's Q3 revenue increased by 22% YoY, exceeding expectations, while net profit declined by 23.4% QoQ. The number of instant delivery transactions increased by 23.0% YoY. | Zhitong AppPre-market US stocks | Weibo Corp rises, Alibaba and JD-SWR fall! Shanghai green license may be further tightenedWhy is Southbound capital in Hong Kong stocks "buying more as they fall"?Quick Look from Major Banks | KUAISHOU-WR Target Price Downgraded! BYD, XPENG-W, and Leapmotor Receive Positive OutlookUS Stock Options | Alibaba, PDD call trading is hot! Tesla's trading volume continues to decline to 1.37 million contractsMeituan-W's pre-earnings slump by over 4%, hitting a 52-week low. Market estimates show that non-IFRS net profit for the last quarter increased by up to 61.5%.One chart to understand | This is the moment when ByteDance's revenue surpasses Tencent's!How much will the Fed cut interest rates next year? Some traders are betting on a 250 basis point cut.Deadlock! The "battle" between Tesla and Swedish labor unions continues.Morgan Stanley discloses institutional shareholding data, revealing "buying opportunities" in these US tech stocks.Reddit, the 'American version of Tieba,' is considering going public in the first quarter of next year, with a valuation potentially reaching as high as $15 billion.Fast fashion giant Shein secretly files for IPO in the US, with a valuation estimated to reach $66 billion.Breakfast | S&P 500 expected to reach new historical highs next year, Alibaba establishes a large-scale research team for Taotian2023 is witnessing a strong rebound, which has caught Wall Street bears off guard as their short positions in the US stock market are dwindling.Spot Bitcoin ETF approval expected to heat up, funds flowing into digital assets for 9 consecutive weeks"Web Monday": US stocks fall, Amazon hits a 52-week high, US bond yields hover at a two-month low.Europe, the "next battleground" for Chinese wind power | Insights from Zhitong ResearchChina's e-commerce "killer move" live-streaming sales is the biggest threat that Amazon has to face.No code, only neural networks! Tesla FSD's major update, what's different about V12?Lowering the entry barrier, Novo Nordisk considers flexible pricing for "miracle weight-loss drug".Pre-market US stocks | XPENG-W leads the decline in Chinese concept stocks, but PDD rises! Alibaba's DAMO Academy downsizes its quantum laboratory.How will China's risk assets perform next year? According to UBS, the internet sector will lead the way, and the market is expected to rebound by 15%.Quick Look from Major Banks: Alibaba's Singles' Day Performance Receives Positive Outlook! CHOW TAI FOOK's Target Price Significantly Lowered!"Palace intrigue" has limited impact? OpenAI continues to sell shares, with a valuation expected to reach $86 billion.Morgan Asset Management's Zhou Huantong: The stock market will continue to remain stable this year, and the valuation of AH technology stocks remains attractive.Inflation data poses a test for the stock market rebound. Can the upward trend in the US stock market continue?US Stock Options | Tesla's trading volume fell to 1.55 million contracts! Nvidia and Apple puts are in high demand.Tianfeng Securities: How should we interpret the "white list of real estate developers" and the "three no less than" policy?DA Davidson: Adtech company Criteo may become a potential acquisition target with an upside potential of 40%.Hong Kong stocks, which are currently bottoming out, are in a critical window period!Tesla's Tesla deliveries this week! Market focuses on two major points of interest."AI gold rush" will continue next year! In addition to the tech giants, there are also opportunities for these "shovel sellers""End-of-day options" are too popular, so the NASDAQ Composite Index is launching "ETF options tracking gold, silver, oil, and US long-term bonds"The UK launches a £40 billion investment plan for Advanced Manufacturing, promoting industries such as automotive, hydrogen energy, and aerospace.Betting on the peak of US interest rates, investors are selling the US dollar at the fastest pace in a year.Analyst: Demand for iPhone 15 remains strong, especially in China.Breakfast | November may be the best month for the US stock market this year, CICC is bullish on Hong Kong stocks, expecting at least a 10% increase.Taobao is unbeatable again 12Another mobile phone manufacturer is going to IPO after Xiaomi.NVIDIA truly reaches the summit as the "King of Chips"