Good news keeps coming, and Bitcoin has returned to $40,000 for the first time since May 2022.Breakfast | Hong Kong strives to attract new capital from the Middle East, Tencent Video "APP crashed"The most powerful AI is going to be late again? Report: Alphabet-C delays the launch of GeminiAfter a significant increase in November, individual investors in the US stock market finally entered the market!The "confidence" of the market betting on interest rate cuts: Inflation is falling too fastGold spot prices surged more than 1.8% during the trading session! It is only 6 cents away from reaching a new all-time high.Is ZEEKR IPO hitting the brakes?Morgan Stanley downgrades LVMH rating as luxury demand deteriorates, ending six years of bullish sentiment.November Ranking of New Energy Vehicle Startups: WM Motor delivers over 18,000 units, LI AUTO-W achieves annual sales target ahead of scheduleThe battle for the title of "Asia-Pacific's leading AI pharmaceutical company" is heating up, as Crystal Technology, backed by Tencent and Sequoia, launches its IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.Is Tesla officially starting deliveries? Is Tesla entering a new product cycle?UBS: "New Three Engines" Will Drive China's Economic GrowthPre-market trading in US stocks | Alibaba and PDD both decline, delivery of Wee Small in November, stock price experiences "mixed fortunes"Bitcoin, which has doubled in price this year, is poised to break through $40,000. Is it just a matter of time?Quick Look from Major Banks | Alibaba's rating and target price have been significantly downgraded! PDD is listed as the preferred choice for Chinese e-commerce companies.Zhitong Hong Kong Stock 52-week Highs and Lows Statistics | December 1stGoldman Sachs 2024 Metal Outlook: Chinese demand unleashed, copper price breaks $10,000 per tonIs it really reasonable for PDD's market value to surpass Alibaba?Under the shadow of the iceberg, the US banking industry saw a staggering 22% increase in losses in the third quarter. Will SVB make a comeback and make an impact?US Stock Options | NVIDIA's trading volume surges violently! Tesla and Alibaba calls remain hotWhy were you fired? And why did you come back? Altman's first interview after "returning to the palace" is here.One chart to understand | Hong Kong-listed Chinese concept stocks in November: MEITUAN-W fell 18%, XPENG-W rose 16%!How do you view today's PDD? Huang Zheng has thought it through before going public.One chart to understand | How well did US tech stocks perform in November?Mission accomplished! Retail investors are busy cashing out, is this round of US stock frenzy coming to an end?"Wood Sister" deserves the title of "Queen of Elasticity". ARKK flagship fund soared 31% in November.Breakfast | In November, US stocks rebounded strongly, and Morgan Stanley removed Alibaba from its list of Hong Kong stock concerns.Coinbase Survives the Crypto Winter with Over 100% Year-to-Date GrowthTesla's new car failed to boost the Nasdaq, but in November, US stocks rebounded significantly, achieving the largest monthly gain in a year. US bonds had their best performance since 2008.Tesla Cybertruck deliveries begin for the $80,000 to $100,000 version, cheaper models to come in the following yearPre-market trading in US stocks | PDD and Alibaba rise! Will the "market value battle" continue tonight? Blizzard's Chinese server may return.Barclays Outlook for US Stocks: Year-end "sprint" has exhausted the gains, next year's increase will be in single digits.Quick Look from Major Banks | PDD's Target Price Raised by 51%! MEITUAN-W's Rating and Target Price Both SlashedUS Stock Options | Alibaba traded over 330,000 contracts! Meme stocks GME and AMC options trading skyrocketed!The wave of technology stocks is far from over. The "Big Seven" are expected to continue leading the US stock market next year.Unveiling PDD: How did it surpass Alibaba in market value?With two "miracle drugs" in hand for weight loss and Alzheimer's disease, can Lilly become the first "trillion-dollar pharmaceutical company"?Wall Street's most pessimistic forecast is out! JPMorgan Chase predicts that the S&P 500 will fall to 4,200 points next year."Strongest component of the Dow Jones" surges after market close, Salesforce's profit guidance exceeds expectations, AI demand is booming! | Earnings ReportBreakfast | Morgan Stanley warns US stocks will fall nearly 8% next year, Duan Yongping buys back TencentThe S&P and Nasdaq both turned down, PDD's market value briefly surpassed Alibaba, Bilibili dropped by 11%, and short-term bond yields plunged again.The delivery of the Cybertruck will begin on Thursday, which is the most anticipated focus of the market.The strong expectation of the yen's appreciation has prompted Japanese exporters to "take the lead"Pre-market trading in US stocks: Alibaba falls more than 2%, PDD experiences a pullback! Rare internal statement from Jack Ma: Alibaba will change, Alibaba will improve.What to pay attention to in 2024? Bank of America: Global central banks may cut interest rates in the middle of the year, and Japan is expected to break free from the "lost three decades".Formidable Competitors that Jack Ma Cannot IgnoreQuick Look at Major Banks | PDD's target price has been significantly raised! MEITUAN-W, on the other hand, has been "heavily cut", but is there still room for doubling?Expanding product categories during the off-season, BOSIDENG doesn't want to only sell winter clothing.US Stock Options | Alibaba and PDD both traded over 200,000 contracts! Tesla and GME calls faced speculative tradingFending off the fierce attack from Douyin, but the tough days for MEITUAN-W are far from over | Insights from JZ Research