"Master of Promises" Musk, the Cybertruck has once again been delayed, making it difficult to increase deliveries within the year.Pre-market US stocks | Coinbase rises more than 5%, obtains Singapore license! Goldman Sachs upgrades NVIDIA rating to "strong buy"Quick Look from Big Banks: XPeng Motors receives "Recommended" rating! Wall Street bullish on Micron Technology!麦朴思:投资新兴市场离不开阿里巴巴和腾讯Goldman Sachs can't handle it either, is the IPO window for US stocks closing again?新造车 9 月销量:“蔚小理” 继续分化,新品牌穷追猛打电车的 “9 月战事”:降价与智驾,卷无止境Breakfast | US stocks in September recorded the largest monthly decline this year, and the new Tesla Model Y officially launched in mainland China.英伟达、微软、亚马逊!为什么还值得继续关注?ChatGPT is launching a personalized chatbot with human-like voice, and Meta is planning to release its own version as well. Will AI "profoundly change" social networks?Tesla launches updated Model Y in China, keeps starting price unchanged理想汽车 2023 年 9 月交付 36,060 辆,创单月交付量新高美国参议院通过法案避免政府关门,并送交拜登签署香港证监会点名 6 个可疑虚拟资产平台 无牌但在香港推广3nm,台积电的一道小坎库克证实苹果正在开发,类 ChatGPT 产品Preview of New US Stocks | After a year and a half of running for a US listing, can this insurance company succeed?扎克伯格在元宇宙里一小时的「真人对话」,惊艳了全世界中国铁路辟谣:“高铁因超员触发报警无法发车” 为虚假报道习近平:推进中国式现代化需要处理好若干重大关系美团:“周边游” 搜索量环比增 170%,有望迎五年来最火 “黄金周”New trend in AI application pricing: Pay-per-use!往返香港线路火爆,深圳铁路加开超 1100 列列车数据传通胀放缓利好,美股高开,中概雄起,美股 9 月仍难逃今年最惨月跌Quick Look from the Big Banks | Can Tesla rise to $400? Amazon receives positive outlook again!Pre-market trading in US stocks: Chinese internet and technology stocks, as well as US tech giants, are all on the rise. France approves iPhone 12 software update, while the risk of a US government shutdown still looms.港股高开高走,恒生科技涨 3.66%,汽车地产走高,餐饮旅游多数上涨,医药股走低In order to bring down Google, three years ago, Microsoft discussed selling Bing to Apple.Epic Games 宣布裁员 830 人,占比 16%Breakfast | Energy stocks become the most eye-catching sector in the US stock market in the third quarter, and Nvidia's French office is subject to a surprise regulatory inspection.US stocks have rebounded from a four-month low, while the US dollar, US bond yields, and oil prices have cooled down. Offshore renminbi has risen above 7.30 yuan.NVIDIA's French office was subjected to a surprise inspection by the competition regulatory authorities, causing a temporary narrowing of the stock price increase.美股大型科技股盘前多数走低,亚马逊跌超 1%美国第二季度 GDP 增速维持在 2.1% 不变,上周初请失业金人数小幅上升庆祝中华人民共和国成立 74 周年招待会在京举行 习近平发表重要讲话美国消费者支出增速降至一年多来最低水平China Evergrande: Mr. Xu Jiayin has been taken compulsory measures in accordance with the law due to suspected illegal activities.With the slowdown in foreign capital outflows and the acceleration of share buybacks, how should Hong Kong stocks be allocated?Wall Street is overreacting! HSBC: Continue to increase holdings of US stocks.Is OpenAI, valued at $90 billion, only second to ByteDance and SpaceX, too expensive?马云最信任的人动手了MINISO begins "upgrading" | Dolphin ResearchPre-market Update: Peloton Soars 12%, Micron Technology Drops 5%! Chinese Tech Stocks Plunge, Apple's Car Project Goes SilentQuick Look at the Big Banks | Is there a buying opportunity for Tencent? How much more can it rise? Tesla's target price has been downgraded!