Can Netflix and Disney continue to rebound?This week, NVIDIA's earnings report is coming in strong, followed closely by the financial reports of retailers such as Lowe's.US Stock Options | Tesla's trading volume of 3.6 million contracts sets a new recent high! The market continues to speculate on Alibaba call options.Is the Hong Kong stock market bottoming out again?Jumped 200 points! Offshore RMB breaks through the 7.2 levelIs Altman returning to OpenAI? The biggest winners and losers are: Microsoft!Dunhe: The US dollar is putting downward pressure, A-shares and Hong Kong stocks are expected to rebound from the bottom.Swiss Prosperity Zhen Junjie: Overall fundamentals are improving, and the attractiveness of Hong Kong stocks is gradually returning.Be cautious! Warren Buffett has sold approximately $23.6 billion worth of stocks this year. Is the future of the US stock market worrisome?Coinbase: Approval of Bitcoin Spot ETF Will Increase Cryptocurrency Market Cap by Billions of Dollars"No interest rate cut!" China's 1-year and 5-year LPR rates remain unchanged in November.Hong Kong Stock Market News | LI AUTO-W rises more than 3%, company included in Hang Seng Index, IDEAL MEGA pre-orders exceed 10,000.The S&P 500 index has risen nearly 10% in just three weeks, but the market is in a panic?Breakfast | OpenAInAI "Coup Drama" Begins Second Act, Alibaba Denies "Laying Off 25,000 Employees"Small-cap stocks and junk bonds are soaring, is the market "all in" on a soft landing in the United States?Volvo's European stocks plummeted by 11%, hitting a historic low, after previously experiencing a discounted sale of shares by Geely Auto.Hedge fund Qube's massive short position on HSBC? Company responds: Reporting error, no net short position on HSBC!Priority AI Battle! Amazon Alexa Department Shrinks, Hundreds of Layoffs ExpectedUnderstanding the HBM Industry Chain in One ArticleAlibaba's VariationPre-market US stocks | Alibaba leads the decline of Chinese concept stocks, Weibo rises! Tesla China will continue to raise prices next week.Quick look at the major banks | Alibaba, Tencent! Target prices have been significantly lowered! CLOUD MUSIC receives strong positive outlook.Microsoft: How to balance between competitive advantage and valuation?Should we continue to buy Japanese stocks? Berkshire Hathaway has issued yen bonds for the second time this year, with a total value of 122 billion yen.US Stock Options | Alibaba traded over 640,000 contracts overnight! Tesla calls and Apple puts are in high demand!QUOTES-Reaction to Alibaba's scrapping of cloud unit spin-offBreaking the traditional distribution model! Hyundai Motor wants to "sell cars online" on Amazon.Surpassing GPT-4 is difficult? Google's "most powerful model" release postponed to the first quarter of next year.Jack Ma's family wealth fund invests in Tabby, an online consumer credit platform in the Middle East.ChargePoint 盘后跌超 30%! Q3 初步营收不及预期 ChargePoint 的股价在盘后交易中下跌超过 30%!第三季度初步营收未达预期。Bouncing with unsteady steps! US stocks hit a key resistance level, making it difficult to continue the upward trend?Breakfast | Leading Chinese Internet companies in a sharp decline, Apple's path to self-developed chips hindered by replacing Qualcomm.Apple's "Chip Swap" plan for 2025 may fall short as the company has invested billions of dollars but still lags far behind its competitors.Alibaba conference call: Strategic considerations do not involve the separation of Alibaba Cloud. Instead, an AI-driven approach and a priority strategy for public cloud will be adopted. The first batch of strategic innovative businesses has been announced.Alibaba's spin-off listing faces obstacles.Ma Yun's family trust holding company announces plans to reduce its stake in Alibaba by 10 million ADS shares.Alibaba quarterly revenue in line with expectationsCLOUD MUSIC's Q3 revenue growth of 11.6% met expectations, with a steady performance in the gaming business. Although CLOUD MUSIC's revenue declined, gross profit improved. | Earnings ReportPre-market in US stocks | Chinese concept stocks plummet! Market continues to focus on APEC leaders' informal meetingLearning Management with OpenAI: How was the strongest product of 2023 created?Quick Look at Major Banks | Tencent, JD-SWR Target Price Raised After Earnings! Xiaomi-W Rating Significantly Upgraded, Target Price Increased by 1.5 Times!Dark Market | WUXI XDC Soars 17%!Morgan Stanley reduces holdings in Microsoft and NVIDIA, while increasing holdings in Meta and Eli Lilly in Q3.PPI cooling boosts US stocks, Chinese concept index rises strongly by about 3%, US bond yields rise more than 10 basis points intraday.Cisco's guidance for this quarter is far below expectations, and it has lowered its full-year guidance. After the market closed, its stock fell more than 10%. | Earnings ReportTencent Conference Call: Mini-program transaction volume reaches 1.5 trillion, double-digit growth in enterprise service revenue, high inventory of high-performance chips.Sell Nvidia! Soros comrade Druckenmiller leads, Soros Fund clears its position.Microsoft, a partner and a new opponent! Microsoft launches its first AI chip and establishes new partnerships with AMD and NVIDIA.Tencent's Q3 net profit increased by 39% YoY, with a rebound in the gaming business and record-high advertising revenue. | Earnings ReportWhy did Alibaba Pictures face a sell-off of funds on the eve of the merger with Damai?