NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) Q4 2024 Earnings Call Transcript理解市场 | 日股今年为何可能突破 40000 点?全球最强开源大模型一夜易主!Core business revenue surged by 409%! NVIDIA's performance once again shocks the world, single-handedly revitalizing the "AI faith".谷歌 VideoPoet 负责人蒋路跳槽 TikTok!对标 Sora,AI 视频模型大战在即日本地产是如何走出低谷的?Breakfast | NVIDIA's explosive performance surged 7% after hours, Alphabet-C released open-source AI large model Gemma.又一次站在华尔街对面!小摩策略师 Kolanovic:美国 1970 年代式滞胀或卷土重来Tech giants continue to suppress, Nasdaq falls for the third consecutive day, S&P rebounds narrowly, and NVIDIA surged 9% after earnings report.美国主要银行游说 SEC 放宽比特币 ETF、DLT 加密托管规则"Generative AI has reached a tipping point!" NVIDIA's fourth-quarter revenue, profit, and first-quarter guidance all exceeded expectations, with the stock price rising 10% after hours | Earnings Report InsightsIntel is the first globally to promote system-level foundry services in the AI era, while Microsoft is making its own chips using the A18 process with the help of Dongfeng.In the U.S. stock market, there is a special situation where cryptocurrency stocks are declining, with Coinbase falling more than 5%.US stock futures are falling, while European indices are mixed. Chinese concept stocks are generally rising, with NVIDIA down nearly 2% in pre-market trading.以太坊年内上涨 28% 跑赢比特币 ETF 炒作转向第二大代币Why did Wooden Sister sell off, why is Groq making waves? And the 12 unicorns aiming to "overtake" NVIDIA on the curve.The increase in table turnover rate has paid off, with HAIDILAO's net profit in 2023 nearly doubling compared to pre-epidemic levels.WSB hot topic | Short-term surge of 500%! Lunar probe company LUNR is soaring to the sky!Founder of Oaktree Capital: It's better to buy well than to buy cheap.NVIDIA's holdings are on fire, turning NVIDIA into a gold mine.Pre-market trading in the US: Chinese concept stocks soar while tech stocks decline! Everyone is eagerly anticipating NVIDIA's blockbuster earnings report after the market closes.Rating Quick Look: NVIDIA's pre-performance target price significantly raised! MEITUAN and LI NING ratings downgraded.A quick look | NVIDIA's Earnings Report Preview Collection is here!After the dramatic fluctuations in stock price, what kind of earnings report does NVIDIA need to produce to withstand the pressure?华尔街最大多头警告:英伟达财报利好也可能引发股价大跌US Stock Options | Market cooling down? Tesla's trading volume halved! NVIDIA, Apple also declined.Earnings report exceeds expectations! Walmart's stock price hits a historic high.Next month's "AI Summit": In addition to B100, NVIDIA has also gathered the authors of the "Most Important AI Papers" for a conversation with the founder.美国国会众议院宣布成立两党特别工作小组:以 AI 为中心AI is also delivering food now! UberEats will launch autonomous driving robots for food delivery in Japan.财报披露前夕股价大跌,英伟达遭 “严峻” 考验?港股破 16500 前雙頂!持續升勢仍需成交配合Understanding the Market | As the US stock market continues to hit new highs, why should investors not throw in the towel?警惕:若英伟达财报不佳,美股短期或回调 5-10%!金融港股涨幅扩大 中国平安 H 股涨近 9%Sora 新视频只发 TikTok:OpenAI 4 天涨粉 10 万Goldman Sachs: NVIDIA is currently "the most important stock on Earth", tonight's earnings report "must" greatly exceed expectations.Expected triple growth in revenue! Does NVIDIA still need to "exceed expectations"?理解市场 | 警惕美股 “期权狂热” 崩盘风险!随着算力成本飙升,谷歌、微软正在主导人工智能The "rate cut dream" of the Federal Reserve is forced to be postponed. Is a major correction in the US stock market imminent?苹果 Vision Pro 发售两周:退货、头痛与 Meta“拉踩”Several sovereign wealth funds are considering investing in McDonald's China.芯片专家详解刷屏的 Groq 芯片Hong Kong Stock Market Update: Meituan surged over 5% again, with a cumulative increase of over 20% this month. The strong consumer spending during the Spring Festival is expected to support the company's performance.