Morgan Stanley: The Federal Reserve cut interest rates in September, but will cut three times this yearAlibaba regains initiative华福策略:美股新高背后的盈利逻辑华泰证券评 “517 地产组合拳”:政策决心较大,后续可能继续调整力度Digital gold? No, Bitcoin is now closer to technology stocks雷军登顶《歌手》摇人榜第一!本人直播回应国外的汽车新势力会不会都歇菜了?4 月特斯拉和比亚迪:差距拉大How far is Leapmotor from joining the ranks of top new forces? | Jianzhi ResearchGoldman Sachs: Market "fear of falling significantly behind" sentiment is back美债收益率接近 5% 投机热潮退却并未出现Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 40,000 points for the first time, gold and copper hit new highs, silver and nickel surge, GME plunges againThe next commodity to break out? Silver breaks through $31 per ounce, hitting a more than ten-year high李彦宏抢先马斯克一步Vanke's market value returns to over one trillion yuan纳指标普盘初转跌,房多多一度涨逾 320% 触发熔断,大宗商品升幅显著After surging by 179%, GME closely follows AMC in applying to sell up to 45 million sharesGross profit margin "turns from positive to negative", can Leapmotor "roll" out a bloody path in the outbound market?阿里国际开启 “加速跑”Jia Nan Technology Q1 performance exceeds expectations, with the number of Bitcoins held exceeding 1,000 for the first timeMaster Kong raises prices, a "two-way rush" with MeituanPre-market trading in US stocks | FFIE, CRKN, GWAV surge, leading the way for Meme stocks! FangDD once surged over 500%WSB Hot Discussion | In addition to the 70x surge of FFIE, there are these stocks!美股最 “奇葩” 的指数,刚刚突破了四万点历史大关Rating Quick Look | JD, Baidu, Tencent, Nio! Target prices all raised!Google vs. OpenAUS Stock Options | AMD trading volume doubles, Faraday Future trading volume surges! GME, AMC continue to be hotBaidu: Advertising under short-term pressure, relying on AI transformation for search (1Q24 conference call minutes)Greenwave Technology Solutions surges as investors take interest into its Strategic MovesIs Microsoft ushering in a new era of AI hardware next week?中国全面下调首套房和二套房首付款比例中国央行:取消全国层面首套住房和二套住房商业性个人住房贷款利率政策下限The world's largest futures exchange plans to launch "Bitcoin trading"! Coinbase plummeted 9% on the newsStrength or luck? Before retail investors forced a short squeeze, this fund had already "ambushed" AMC and GME滙豐 0005|彭博:平保擬削減滙豐持倉 持股貨值 1053 億 平保資管:滙豐是其長期財務投資 滙豐逆市跌逾 2%Why Is Crown ElectroKinetics Stock Up 419% Today?Market Insight | Dongfang Selection rose nearly 8% in early trading, Lenovo Group recently acquired company shares, market speculates on possible future cooperation法拉第未来已来?股价 3 天暴涨 16 倍Iconic switch? Major hedge funds reduce holdings in US stocks such as the "Seven Sisters" and increase holdings in Chinese concept stocks like Alibaba腾讯和阿里的一季报,拼凑出了互联网新序章Giant downfall? CME Group expresses interest in trading Bitcoin, causing Coinbase to plummet upon hearing the newsBreakfast | "Soros' comrade" aggressively cuts Nvidia holdings, Alibaba receives Citron's bullish view of over $100"The digital gold" status in the market is gradually solidifying, with Bitcoin ETF becoming the new favorite in the portfolios of Wall Street giants in the first quarter