Double-digit surge! Why are Hong Kong property stocks soaring?What can investors look forward to as Black Friday approaches?Miniso delivers its strongest performance in history, why did the stock price drop more than 10%? | Insight ResearchFund Manager: The rebound in US stocks may be temporary. Multiple factors next year will put pressure on the market.Breakfast | Nearly $19 billion in funds fiercely short Tesla, Bezos is rumored to plan to reduce more than $1 billion in AmazonJapanese stocks hit a new high again, all thanks to Buffett.The People's Bank of China and three other departments: Hurry up to formulate implementation measures to increase support for financing of technology-based enterprises.Pre-market trading in US stocks | Nvidia leads the decline in technology stocks! Alibaba's internal article states "Jack Ma has not sold a single share"Can the US stock market continue to rise? JPMorgan: Yes, it can.Analysis Report | BIDU-SWR, KUAISHOU-WR, target prices raised! Can they still rise by at least 50%?US Stock Options | Petrobras trading surges to 1.3 million contracts! Tesla and Vale calls are equally hot!The most powerful car company this yearTrading Alert: US stock market will be closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving, and will close 3 hours early on Friday.Hong Hao: Now the safety cushion is very high, only optimistic people can make money.Alibaba Internal Announcement: Jack Ma currently holds all of his shares and will continue to hold Alibaba stock for the long term.Why is the market indifferent to Nvidia's impressive performance? Wall Street's expectations are quite high.Douyu CEO Chen Shaojie has been arrested, reportedly related to the live streaming channel "Changsha Rural Brave Team".Tesla raises prices four times in a row, even the price butcher can't stop it | Insight ResearchJoin the bullish camp on US stocks! Bank of America predicts that the S&P 500 index will reach a new high of 5000 points next year.Earnings report explodes, guidance is strong, but why did NVIDIA's stock price still fall?Performance continues to explode! The AI boom is unstoppable, and "shovel sellers" Nvidia is crazily raking in the cash.Breakfast | Nvidia warns that its China revenue will drop significantly in the fourth quarter, Binance fined over $4 billion, CEO Zhao Changpeng resigns.Hong Kong Stock Exchange Announcement: Average daily active users reach a historical high, several core businesses maintain strong growth.Zhao Xiaoguang from Tianfeng Securities: The essence of OpenAI's power struggle lies in the lack of data. In the future, the most important aspect of AI will be its application.NVIDIA faces headwinds in AI, Q3 performance continues to crush expectations, but warns of Q4 sales in China, stock drops more than 6% after hours.The S&P Nasdaq Composite fell for the first time in six days, with the Chinese concept index dropping more than 2%. Onshore and offshore renminbi briefly rose above 7.13 yuan.When will the interest rate cut come? HSBC: At least these four conditions must be met.Pre-market US stocks | Weibo leads the decline in Chinese concept stocks, Nvidia H20 chip may have to wait until mid-next monthNVIDIA's highly anticipated earnings report is about to be released. Will it ignite the AI market in the US stock market?2024 Oil Price Outlook: Goldman Sachs predicts OPEC will ensure oil prices remain in the "80-100" range.Analysis Report | Xiaomi's target price significantly raised after its performance! Alibaba faces "price cut"One step further! Tesla is reportedly close to reaching an agreement to establish a manufacturing plant in India within two years.US Stock Options | Market sentiment falls again! Tesla, Alibaba trading volume halved!Societe Generale: S&P 500 to reach new highs early next year before pulling back, with a year-end rebound.HSBC: "Overweight" rating for Chinese stock market, Hang Seng Index target adjusted to 19,890 points by the end of next year.Tesla has increased the price of the Model Y Long Range version in China four times in the past month, with a total increase of 2,000 yuan.ByteDance's revenue surpasses TENCENT! It is closing in on Meta Platforms and Alibaba!Polytech: Tech "Big Seven" Boosts US Stock Valuations, But Valuations Remain ReasonableStock price hits a new high, Microsoft "turns disaster into fortune", completely eliminates the future troubles of AI?Hong Kong Stock Market News | Real estate stocks open high, SUNAC up nearly 7%, regulatory authorities are reportedly drafting a list of 50 real estate companies eligible for financing.Breakfast | S&P 500 and NASDAQ Composite Index rise for five consecutive days, Microsoft CEO discusses the "reversal of power struggle" in OpenAI incident.Another bad news for an AI company: C3.AI announced layoffs in multiple departments, causing its stock price to plummet more than 10% during trading hours.Citigroup, the largest organizational restructuring in 20 years has begun! Starting with a top-level clean-up, over 300 senior managers will be laid off.Earnings report expected to soar! Can NVIDIA once again shoulder the "hope of the whole village"?Oriental Garden's debt restructuring creates another wave of rebirth.Microsoft: From "Software Giant" to "AI Empire" Microsoft, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, has long been known as the "Software Giant" due to its dominance in the software industry. However, in recent years, the company has undergone a significant transformation and is now positioning itself as an "AI Empire". With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Microsoft has been actively investing in and developing AI capabilities. The company has made significant progress in areas such as machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision, enabling it to provide advanced AI solutions to various industries. One of Microsoft's key AI initiatives is its Azure cloud platform, which offers a wide range of AI services and tools. These include Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, and Azure Bot Service, among others. These services enable developers and businesses to easily incorporate AI capabilities into their applications and processes. In addition to its cloud platform, Microsoft has also been focusing on developing AI-powered products and services. For example, the company's virtual assistant, Cortana, utilizes AI technology to provide personalized assistance to users. Microsoft's AI research division, Microsoft Research, is also at the forefront of AI innovation, conducting cutting-edge research in areas such as deep learning and reinforcement learning. Furthermore, Microsoft has been actively collaborating with other companies and organizations to promote the development and adoption of AI. The company has formed partnerships with leading AI research institutions, such as OpenAI and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, to advance the field of AI and address its ethical implications. Through these efforts, Microsoft is not only expanding its influence in the AI industry but also transforming itself into an "AI Empire". The company's vision is to empower individuals and organizations with AI technology, enabling them to achieve more and drive innovation in the digital age. In conclusion, Microsoft's journey from being a "Software Giant" to an "AI Empire" reflects its commitment to embracing and harnessing the power of AI. With its extensive AI capabilities and strategic partnerships, Microsoft is well-positioned to lead the way in the AI revolution and shape the future of technology.Volvo is about to usher in its "big year"The market, which has been "slapped in the face" six times, is once again "believing for the seventh time" in the possibility of a soft landing in the United States and a shift in the Federal Reserve's stance.Xiaomi's Q3 revenue exceeded expectations, with net profit increasing by 182.9% YoY | Insights from the earnings reportPre-market US stocks | XPENG-W, NIO-SW lead the way in Chinese concept stocks, OpenAI founder joins Microsoft!