Morgan Stanley: U.S. April CPI cooling is just the beginning, inflation will accelerate and slow down in the second half of the year官方全文:阿里公布 2024 年 3 月份季度及 2024 财年业绩Pre-market trading in US stocks | Alibaba fell more than 5% after earnings! WSB concept stocks continue to soar!Alibaba's revenue increased by 7% year-on-year, with the pre-market stock price plunging before narrowing the declineRating Quick Look | NVIDIA, Xiaomi Target Prices Significantly Raised! Li Auto Faces Price CutsHuake Intelligent Investment plans to invest in Tide Capital's digital assets and cryptocurrency fundReport: Samsung and SK Hynix will convert over 20% of their DRAM production lines to HBM production linesTencent's Q1 revenue increased by 6% year-on-year, with a significant net profit surge of 54%Teaming up with Xiaomi, has come up with a big moveUS stock options | meme stocks AMC, GME trading volume soared, Alibaba, ExxonMobil also going crazy!When ChatGPT took over Apple, Claude had just landed in EuropeUnderstanding the Market | Flash Rabbit Express-W rose more than 13% intraday, up over 45% this month, Flash Rabbit received tens of millions of dollars in additional capital from a Middle Eastern consortium'Roaring Kitty' Comeback Makes Cat-Themed Coins Explode: ROAR Shoots Up Over 500%Tencent's repurchase scale attracts attention, adding fuel to the bull market in Hong Kong stocks?Next year, another 50% increase! NVIDIA's new financial report is about to be released, with Wall Street's target price getting higher and higherBulls dominate the market, BTIG says 3M and other stocks are at an "attractive" entry pointHong Kong Stock Concept Tracking | Apple Vision Pro has passed the China 3C certification. Attention on Apple's supply chain (with concept stocks)After the big rebound, Alibaba and Tencent financial reports are here!Overnight Trading | GME, AMC continue to surge by 30%, WSB frenzy shows no signs of stoppingMorgan Stanley increased its holdings of Apple stocks by over 18 million shares in Q1, while Vanguard also increased its holdingsThe leader of the short squeeze frenzy is back, with a single post causing Wall Street to go crazy and triggering a "circuit breaker" replay!Tencent Holdings First Quarter Performance Outlook: Gaming business may be affected by high base numbers, advertising business is expected to rise in tandem with volumeWhat does GPT-4o mean? OpenAI joining forces with Apple, the unstoppable trend of AI smartphones!Alibaba-SW Financial Report Preview: E-commerce sector gradually recovering, institutions expect profits to declineBreakfast | Retail investors band together as concept stocks soar, OpenAI launches faster and cheaper AI modelsGameStop soars 74% in a single day, can the MEME stock frenzy return to 2021?Cryptocurrency miners have already felt the "halving" pressure, the next step is to sell Bitcoin to relieve the pressure?Report: Apple is preparing to sell Vision Pro for the first time outside the United StatesMeta's new AI device is in full swing: exploring the development of AI earphones with cameras that can translateIn the early trading session, the three major US stock indexes collectively rose, with GameStop surging 53%, Bilibili up 8%, and ZEEKR up 9%Fed Survey: Consumer inflation expectations significantly rise, outlook worsens for labor market and financial conditionsGameStop halted trading twice, then resumed with an 80% surge. Is the leader of US retail investors, "带头大哥", making a comeback?Tencent Music: Endless Gold Mine? The Charm of Small and Beautiful Vertical CategoriesThe "Financialization" of the U.S. Economy, Yellen and Powell as the Gatekeepers of the U.S. Stock Market?Optimism spreads as overseas markets surge again before the release of key inflation dataPre-market trading in US stocks | Bilibili, Alibaba up 4% leading Chinese concept stocks! GameStop GME surged 26% at one pointRating Quick Look | Tencent's performance is highly regarded ahead of time! Kuaishou "Buy", Roblox faces "price cuts"Microsoft faces new EU charges! This time it's because of TeamsGross profit margin to increase by 27%? Several key questions about the hot "AI power supply stock"US Stock Options | Tesla's trading volume surged to 2 million contracts! Nvidia, GME, NVAX are hotToday's Important News Review | Dolphin ResearchReport: Samsung's second-generation 3nm production line will start operation in the second half of the yearRoaring Kitty is back, and GameStop stock is rallying. The company still is struggling to make money.After the financial report was released, fundamental factors became more critical. Wall Street is optimistic about stocks such as AppleMarket Insight | Bilibili's W shares surged more than 7% during trading hours, with institutions expecting strong growth in its advertising business in the first quarterSoftBank's net loss for the 23rd fiscal year decreased by 76.5% year-on-year, achieving profitability for two consecutive quarters!Earnings Preview | Cisco Q3 Revenue, EPS Expected to Decline YoY, Performance Can Exceed Expectations to Become an Important Catalyst for Stock Price