ETF Giant: US Oil Stocks and Chip Stocks are "Equally Good", but No One CaresETF 上市吸引资金涌入 比特币有望迎一年来最长连涨记录Statistics on Chinese Automakers' Electric Vehicles Going Global出海四小龙紧逼亚马逊,2024 谁主沉浮?AI“卖铲者”:HBM,新混战!小米在印度发声:鉴于印政府对中企严格审查,零部件供应商对在印建立业务持忧虑态度英伟达进军芯片定制业务 挑战博通!Soaring NVIDIA or stagnant Intel? Goldman Sachs has a clear stanceWho doesn't want to be the next Jia Ling? In high demand, the "weight loss duo" expands production smoothly.Sam Altman 的芯片野心,非常疯狂In January, Tesla's sales in South Korea: 1 unit.比特币现货 ETF 已获批,以太坊现货 ETF 获批还有多远Blow the horn for AI PCs! Microsoft keeps increasing the "Copilot content" in Windows比特币日内跌 1.15%Alphabet-C CEO: Is "Search is King" no longer the future? Alphabet-C is readyGemini VS GPT-4: A Comparative Analysis of the Two Top AI ModelsThe strongest continuous rise since 1972! The market has surpassed 5000 points! Who will end the US stock market?NVIDIA's entry into the custom chip field, is it possible to "create another Arm"?The most stable luxury brand? Hermès International Société en commandite par actions' stock price hits a new high against the trend.Multiple executives buy stocks, and traders aggressively buy options, New York Community Bancorp surges 16% in the crisis分析师:ETF 希望重燃,比特币再次剑指 5 万美元比特币站上 48000 美元/枚US Stock Market Update | Bitcoin-related stocks continue to rise, Marathon Digital up over 9%加密货币股票上涨美股三大指数开盘全线上涨,美国 CPI 修正值符合预期BABA-SWR has sounded the horn of counterattack.比特币日内大涨 5.00%香港证监会和警方告诫公众提防 MEXC 的涉嫌虚拟资产相关欺诈行为Shipping giant plummets: "Red sea price hike" is only temporary, "surge in capacity" is the reality赛道 Hyper | Vision Pro 折射库克隐忧?Hong Kong Stock Market Closing (02.09) | Hang Seng Index hits bottom and rebounds, closing down 0.83%. Positive news stimulates the rise of education stocks, while shipping stocks and domestic real estate stocks lead the decline.OpenAI Altman's Ambition: Raising $7 trillion to Target the "Chip Pain Point" of AI!Temu and Shein "touch the soul", Amazon "has to change"Hong Kong Stock Market News | OSL Group rises nearly 10% against the market trend, the company participates in the pilot issuance of investment-grade convertible token by UBS Group AG in Hong Kong.Hong Kong stocks opened lower, with the Hang Seng Index falling more than 1%. Alibaba opened nearly 3% lower, while New Oriental EDU & Tech opened 6% higher.CPI may undergo major revisions, the momentum of the US stock market is diminishing, SPDR S&P 500 narrowly hits a new all-time high, Arm surges nearly 50% after earnings report, and crude oil rises over 3%.Deteriorating demand for luxury goods, Gucci's parent company Kering reports weak sales in the fourth quarterReport: Saudi Arabia plans to appoint Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and other firms to handle the issuance of Saudi Aramco stocks, potentially raising $20 billion in funds.US Stock Market Update | Bitcoin-related stocks surge, Marathon Digital up over 10%比特币突破 45000 美元/枚Alphabet-C Bard officially changes its name! Also announces the launch of "the most powerful model ever" Ultra 1.0申万宏源:年内通胀最低点或已出现财报季传利好 欧股大盘上涨 美国主要股指期货走低Vision Fund's investment earns big profits, SoftBank achieves quarterly profit for the first time in a year.超九成飘红,银行成开年唯一逆势上涨板块七姐妹,也曾是微盘股Pre-market US stocks | BABA-SWR, JD down, PDD rises against the trend!In the midst of the storm, New York Community Bancorp: downgraded to junk status by Moody's, appoints a new chairman of the board.Error tolerance = Lifeline, making investments safer