BABA-SWR ignites the second engine.NVIDIA is gearing up for the "AI Summit"! The focus is on the B100 chip and Blackwell architecture.Goldman Sachs has changed its tune again: The first interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve is now expected to be postponed until June.贝莱德比特币现货 ETFIBIT 持仓价值突破 65 亿美元段永平、巴菲特都踏空了英伟达?coinglass:比特币 ETF 总市值突破 400 亿美元WSB is buzzing about the pre-market surge of "car dealer" CVNA, up 33%, skyrocketing nearly 20 times in just over a year.苹果首款折叠屏产品可能不是 iPhonePre-market trading in the US: NVIDIA rises by 2% to reach $800! Technology and Chinese concept stocks are generally falling.证监会:目前没有 IPO 倒查 10 年的安排 将大幅提高拟上市企业现场检查比例海外车企电动化,发现还是油车香"Chongqing's Li Ka-shing" is bottom-fishing R&F PROPERTIES.美股三大期指微跌,欧股小幅回调,英伟达盘前涨逾 2%Rating Quick Look | NVIDIA's explosive performance, but the target price has been significantly lowered?! Salesforce emerges as the top software stock.Always trying to buy at the lowest point? How do investment masters view this?National AI? Lao Huang has set his sights on a super potential client: the government.In the U.S. stock options market, NVIDIA's trading volume surged to 2.5 million contracts! AMD and Super Micro Computer followed the upward trend.Can AI replace human jobs? HSBC conducted an experiment.Groq 的 LPU,能否颠覆英伟达的 GPU?Heavy on Tesla, missed out on NVIDIA, the Wall Street top player who once had high hopes for AI, "Wood Sister," failed to catch the feast.英伟达一夜狂欢,但斌成了最兴奋的人之一Finally, Taobao now accepts WeChat Pay.英伟达主办,它可能是今年最受关注的 AI 盛会之一英伟达点燃市场情绪!看多一切?唯一看空的是货基理解市场 | 港股下波高位在哪里?The tipping point of AI is here! It's not that NVIDIA can't afford it, it's that AMD offers better value for money.After repelling doubts, can NVIDIA defeat the "Seven Sisters" only through inflation?The 'American Retail Investors Headquarters' is about to IPO, raising $800 million from forum users, with Ultraman holding a 5% stake.After privatizing for HKD 15.6 billion, where is TRAD CHI MED heading?After-hours trading | NVIDIA breaks through the 800 mark! Continues to rise by 2.5%Another AI hot stock? Arista Networks nearly doubled last year!Understanding the market | How crazy was NVIDIA overnight?Behind the growth outpacing Apple and Samsung Electronics, how does the "rising dark horse" TRANSSION take the lead in recovery?Reddit, known as the 'American version of Tieba,' submits IPO documents: allowing users to buy stocks. OpenAI CEO Ultraman becomes the third largest shareholder.“还要更多通胀回落的信心才能降息”,多位美联储官员齐 “放鹰”In the current interest rate cut trend, high annualized returns of up to 20% can still be achieved in Hong Kong deposits, offering a "benefit" of high interest rates.效仿 Temu?亚马逊上线新平台,主打低价,卖家已可入驻!传中央扩大自由行 旅议会表示欢迎并冀开放更多偏远城市* 瑞银降英伟达目标价至 800 美元 AI 仍处於早期阶段* 汇丰研究升英伟达目标价至 880 美元 季绩及指引强劲惟乏震撼力NVIDIA is leading the entire industry! AMD soared by 33%, bullish call options are hot, and AI, technology, and semiconductor ETFs are all rising across the board.The resurgence of the "AI Faith" is causing a huge wave! Is the script of the "Crazy Bull Market" in the US stock market in 2023 playing out again?Both Rivian Automotive and Lucid suffered a double blow in performance, leading to a sharp drop in stock prices, unable to escape the "misfortune."英伟达值 2 万亿美金吗?NVIDIA's soaring stock price has propelled Huang Renxun's wealth to 21st place globally.Breakfast | Analysts say NVIDIA is not overvalued, valuation is still low, Reddit applies for IPO, Tencent and Sam Altman are both shareholders.