Pre-market trading in US stocks | WSB concept stocks experience ups and downs! Market focuses on tonight's US CPITencent and OpenAI are targeting the same trackThe key to the success or failure of the US stock market rebound lies in tonight's US April CPI!Rating Quick Look | Alibaba "Strong Buy", Tencent "Buy"! Apple faces pessimism?US Stock Options | Tesla, Nvidia surged in trading! AMC, GME still hot"Weight-loss miracle drug" is making great strides, Morgan Stanley: No need to hesitate on Novo Nordisk!AI server "one-stop" capability is unique! Morgan Stanley: The market still underestimates FoxconnIs it the right time to bottom out the "hottest AI stock"? Analyst: AMD is undervaluedMicroStrategy has been included in the MSCI Global Standard IndexJust wait for the US CPI on Wednesday to see the turning point in the global market! (20:30)Cryptocurrency "leading indicator" Meme stock frenzy surges, will Bitcoin prices follow suit?Citigroup transforms into "Tech Stock Hunter": Q1 increases holdings in Microsoft and Nvidia, significantly increases stake in AMDAfter breaking the record for innovative drug exports, Bally Tianheng is set to venture into the Hong Kong stock marketShort sellers hit hard! MEME stocks surge wildly, causing short sellers to lose over $1 billionHere's why meme stocks are back.Google and OpenAI point the way! The first "killer AI application", the battleground for AI smartphones?Embracing the AI trend! Bridgewater Associates Q1 abandons consumer stocks for tech giants: Google and Nvidia enter the top five heavy positionsInvesco Q1 significantly increased its holdings in Microsoft and Amazon, while establishing a position in "Little Intel" Astera Labs"The Return of the King"! GME and AMC surged for the second consecutive day, everything seems to be repeating the events of 2021Tencent conference call: Advertising and gaming benefit from AI deployment, total gaming revenue resumes growth早餐 | 纳指创历史新高,谷歌发布 AI 搜索引擎、AI 视频生成模型 VeoAlibaba conference call: Revenue to resume double-digit growth, emphasizing site-wide promotion, Chinese consumers showing willingness to spendBridgewater Associates favors technology stocks in Q1! Opening long positions on Amazon and AMD, significantly increasing holdings in the "Seven Sisters of US Tech Stocks"Musk's xAI, close to reaching a $10 billion agreement, will lease AI servers from OracleTencent: Significant progress in addressing gaming challenges (1Q24 conference call minutes)AI search engine is here! Google makes a big move, releasing the most powerful AI model, challenging OpenAI's voice capabilitiesTencent: Video account transforms into a money tree, stock king elegantly takes offIn the early trading session, the three major U.S. stock indexes edged up slightly, with GameStop rising nearly 100% and Alibaba falling over 6%Alibaba: Initial investment has shown results, with subsequent profits gradually catching upPowell: In the first quarter, inflation has made little progress, the Fed needs to be patient, waiting for more evidence of inflation coolingIntense investment + intense streamlining, Alibaba, really come back to life?Single store revenue exceeds 100 million, old store Golden Rush Hong Kong Stock IPOMiniso Q1 revenue hits a record high, with the fastest quarterly store expansion speed | Financial Report InsightsMorgan Stanley: U.S. April CPI cooling is just the beginning, inflation will accelerate and slow down in the second half of the year官方全文:阿里公布 2024 年 3 月份季度及 2024 财年业绩Pre-market trading in US stocks | Alibaba fell more than 5% after earnings! WSB concept stocks continue to soar!Alibaba's revenue increased by 7% year-on-year, with the pre-market stock price plunging before narrowing the declineRating Quick Look | NVIDIA, Xiaomi Target Prices Significantly Raised! Li Auto Faces Price CutsHuake Intelligent Investment plans to invest in Tide Capital's digital assets and cryptocurrency fundReport: Samsung and SK Hynix will convert over 20% of their DRAM production lines to HBM production linesTencent's Q1 revenue increased by 6% year-on-year, with a significant net profit surge of 54%Today's Important News Review | Dolphin ResearchTeaming up with Xiaomi, has come up with a big moveUS stock options | meme stocks AMC, GME trading volume soared, Alibaba, ExxonMobil also going crazy!When ChatGPT took over Apple, Claude had just landed in EuropeUnderstanding the Market | Flash Rabbit Express-W rose more than 13% intraday, up over 45% this month, Flash Rabbit received tens of millions of dollars in additional capital from a Middle Eastern consortium'Roaring Kitty' Comeback Makes Cat-Themed Coins Explode: ROAR Shoots Up Over 500%Tencent's repurchase scale attracts attention, adding fuel to the bull market in Hong Kong stocks?Next year, another 50% increase! NVIDIA's new financial report is about to be released, with Wall Street's target price getting higher and higherBulls dominate the market, BTIG says 3M and other stocks are at an "attractive" entry point